University ID Cards

All members of the USD community are issued official university identification cards through the Campus Card Services office. To receive a campus card you must be currently registered for classes, or if you are faculty/staff, you need to receive authorization through Human Resources, or your appropriate department or chair. Please bring with you a valid picture ID such as a driver's license or a passport for identity verification.

Important ID FAQs

To Avoid a Replacement Fee

  • Protect your card from excessive heat.
  • Protect your card from becoming demagnetized by avoiding contact with electromagnetic equipment such as cell phones, TVs, speakers, microwaves, and iPods, etc.
  • Don't bend, fold or otherwise mutilate your card; this means don't carry it in your back pocket!
  • Don't let pets or children chew on your card.
  • Don't use your card as a lock pick or to scrape anything.
  • Don't punch holes in your card. The Campus Card Services Office charges a damage fee for damaged cards.


Replacement Card Fees

Lost or stolen ID cards must be reported immediately to the Campus Card Services Office at the address or phone number below. If not reported within 24 hours, you will be responsible for any charges accrued, or loss of funds.

Campus Card Services Office UC-127
University of San Diego

5998 Alcalaá Park
San Diego, CA 92110
Phone (619) 260-5999

Students may also flag their id cards as lost on the Campus Cash Website: After logging into your account select the 'Report Lost Card' option.