Lock Access

Electronic Door Lock Access

Campus Card is responsible for the encoding of cards for academic and non-residential electronic door access. There are two main types of campus locks: Onity and Salto.


Onity Locks are activated by the card's magnetic stripe when the card is inserted into the lock slot.

Step 1: If you need access to an Onity door, begin by requesting approval from your Building Supervisor or Department Head. Once they have authorized the request and passed the information along to our office, we can encode your ID card with proper access. To find out about the locks available to purchase, contact Facilities Management: Zach Knipe, Director of Planning, Design & Construction zknipe@sandiego.edu, or (619) 260-7520.

Step 2: If purchase of Onity locks is approved, fill out the Onity Programming Request form and email to campuscard@sandiego.edu.

Step 3: Follow the steps on the Lock Access Request Form.


Salto Locks are activated by the card's embedded chip when the card is tapped on the lock.

Step 1. Gather the following info needed to set up a new Salto Reader (Access Point):

  • Door location (from TMA Floor Plan)
  • Description of door (ex. "Exterior entry door from Hall 102 to Office 144")
  • Type of reader (ex. Wired online, Wireless online, Offline, Padlock, X4 Mini, etc.)
  • Email all information to campuscard@sandiego.edu

Step 2. Follow the steps on the Lock Access Request Form.

Additional Salto Information

  • Once the Access Point is named and its location and function are added to Salto, Campus Card can locate it to complete programming, such as adding the new reader to User Access Levels, Zones, Partitions, etc. and creating Access Point Time Periods and coordinating the Time Periods to Calendars.
  • User Access Levels and Zones are two ways we group Access Points.
  • Partitions are how we assign Operator access, as opposed to User (cardholder) access to readers. Operators run Salto software in various roles.
  • Access Point Time Periods are where the locking/opening schedules are assigned for an Access Point
  • Besides Zones, User Access Levels and Partitions, Access Points are also assigned to a Lockdown Area so that Public Safety can control the Access Points in an emergency.

Lock Issues

If you are experiencing trouble using the Onity door locks, please see if your problem is addressed here: Housing's Guide to Onity Locks

Lock Access Request Forms

Campus Card will contact you once templates have been made and access is ready to be granted.

In the event that an employee (that has Onity or Salto locking privileges) leaves the University you must immediately notify Campus Card and send the card to the Campus Card Office – please do not destroy the card. Contact: Therese Thiessen, Manager, Campus Card thiessen@sandiego.edu or (619) 260-5999.