Child Rights and Remedies

Order Child Rights & Remedies by Robert C. Fellmeth and Jessica K. Heldman.

Robert C. Fellmeth, Children’s Advocacy Institute Executive Director and Price Professor in Public Interest Law, and Jessica K. Heldman, Fellmeth-Peterson Professor in Residence in Child Rights at the USD School of Law, recently completed the Fourth Edition of their text, Child Rights & Remedies. This publication surveys a broad range of legal issues affecting children in the U.S. It examines the barriers to child-sensitive public policy, and the empirical and legal status of children with regard to poverty, education, health, special needs, child care, child abuse, juvenile crime and detention, reproductive rights, custody, civil liberties, and international law.

Child Rights & Remedies Child Rights and Remedies provides a comprehensive examination of how United States law and policy affects the lives and futures of children. This law school text covers a broad spectrum of major cases, statutes, and relevant empirical evidence that illustrate how children are faring in light of how our legal and political systems function. Uniquely among juvenile law texts, Child Rights and Remedies begins by delving into the
underlying political context of available remedies for children, highlighting the special status of children – a status that does not always work to their advantage, particularly vis a vis special interests with far greater access to and influence over all branches of government. Within this context, the text explores the barriers to developing policy favorable to children with regard to poverty, education, health, special needs, child care, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, reproductive rights, custody and civil liberties. This updated edition also explores the timely issue of
immigration and the rights of children, a politically charged area of law and policy deeply impacting vast numbers of children. In addition to the almost 200 legal references that cover major federal and influential state court decisions, the text contains probing questions and commentary designed to challenge the reader to consider diverse points of view and construct compelling legal arguments. Broad analysis of constitutional law and civil procedure complements the child-specific content, making Child Rights and Remedies a valuable tool for any student of the law.

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1
    The Underlying Context: Access to Political/Legal Remedies
  • Chapter 2
    Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Responsibilities
  • Chapter 3
    Child Poverty and Safety Net Sustenance
  • Chapter 4
    Education Rights and Investment
  • Chapter 5
    Health, Medical Care, and Safety
  • Chapter 6
    Children with Special Needs
  • Chapter 7
    Child Care
  • Chapter 8
    Child Protection from Abuse
  • Chapter 9
    Child Rights as Abuse Victims/Witnesses
  • Chapter 10
    Juvenile Crime and Delinquency
  • Chapter 11
    Child Rights to Custody, Family Support, and Emancipation
  • Chapter 12
    Child Rights to Property, Contract, and Tort Recovery
  • Chapter 13
    Child Civil Liberties: Speech And Religion
  • Chapter 14
    International Law and the Future of Child Rights and Remedies


"Professor Robert C. Fellmeth, the master of child rights and remedies and the long-time maestro of child advocacy, presents his Magnum Opus to inform our intellects, challenge our consciences and galvanize our motivation on behalf of children who will either inherit our derelictions or our beneficent foresight. This book works as a very comprehensive recruiter for students and other citizens who wish to help build a society and culture that nurtures the young into fulfilling their life's possibilities."

“Finally, a distinguished advocate/scholar has produced a casebook on child-related public policy establishment, implementation, and legal challenges that includes such key topics as impact of the political environment, children’s civil tort actions, government welfare benefits, child care and child health reform, and educational opportunity. While also providing up-to-date statutory and caselaw material on such traditional child law topics as delinquency, abuse/neglect, and child custody/support, Professor Fellmeth contributes a new expert insight into the evolution of children’s rights.”
Director, ABA Center on Children and the Law, American Bar Association

“Professor Jessica Heldman is a distinguished expert in children’s law and policy with years of experience working with advocacy organizations and state child welfare and juvenile justice systems to improve the treatment of children.  Her extensive practical experience on the interplay of children’s rights and the systems impacting children brings deep insights and key perspectives to this 4th edition of Child Rights & Remedies.  Alongside Robert Fellmeth, Jessica Heldman provides a comprehensive treatise on children’s rights, including children as individuals, as a class, and as a political voice for reform. Professor Heldman’s scholarship and leadership will help advance children’s rights for years to come. This book is an essential read for all children’s advocates.”
Executive Director, National Association of Counsel for Children

"Child Rights and Remedies does a very good job of covering the issues that professional child advocates address in the course of their work. If prospective child advocates are trained using this book, they will be much better prepared to speak out for children. It will strengthen the child advocacy community and benefit children to have advocates entering the field who already understand the range of issues, political pressures, and laws that shape children's lives."
Network Director, Partnership for America's Children

Child Rights and Remedies provides a wealth of content about the laws and policies informing decisions about children facing the legal system. Students and advocates will find an analysis of data, historical information, and selected cases impacting children’s rights. Professor Heldman’s chapter on youth in delinquency courts walks the reader through key Supreme Court cases and offers discussion points related to youth rights, limitations on youth constitutional protections, and public policy considerations. She offers numerous areas for exploration of reforms needed to bring the United States juvenile court practices into alignment with international human rights doctrine.”
Executive Director, National Juvenile Defender Center