Regulatory Advocacy

Children and youth are impacted by several broad laws enacted at both the federal and state levels — laws which Congress and state legislatures entrust regulatory agencies to implement, oversee, and enforce. Regrettably, state and federal regulatory agencies do not consistently engage in appropriate implementation, oversight, and enforcement of these laws.  It is not enough for child advocates to win enactment of important statutory changes for children and youth. They must also be able to effectively advocate to ensure that those laws are implemented and enforced in a manner that ensures they have their intended impact. The devil is in the details, and a single phrase in a rule can mean that either one thousand or a hundred thousand children will receive public investment when needed. For that reason, one of CAI’s core activities involves advocacy before state and federal agencies that are charged with the implementation, interpretation, oversight and enforcement of laws that directly impact children and youth, particularly those foster care. Such regulatory advocacy, focusing on the rulemaking and related authority of such agencies, is an often ignored but very critical area of law.

The following are examples of some of CAI's efforts to ensure that state and federal agencies fulfill their mandates to implement and enforce laws, policies, and programs meant to serve and promote the interests of children and youth: