​Management Minor

​Master the art of managing people.

Managers oversee everything, from product development to process. But talk to any manager, and you will hear the role is really about managing people. As a management minor, you will build a broad foundation in business and leadership, so you can successfully manage your own set of employees one day.

Through case studies and experiential exercises, you will learn how motivation, group dynamics, conflict and other organizational behaviors affect employees and their productivity. With electives like Human Resource Management and Small Business Management, you will be able to apply basic training, staffing and compensation concepts within any small-sized company.

Students gathered at table We have big goals for you. From the moment you are admitted into the program, we will help you meet your personal and professional goals, like developing strong technical skills in business. We encourage feedback from students on the value of our curriculum, giving you the opportunity to help us refine your degree program for future USD students.
Target employee with student Everyday skills for every kind of field. Students with a management minor gain a solid foundation they can apply across a number of industries and sectors, including business, nonprofit, government, hospitality and even healthcare.