Law and Ethics Curriculum

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A minor in law and ethics gives students a great foundation for understanding the legal, ethical and social responsibility of business. The law and ethics minor is open to every undergraduate at USD. Through case studies and experiential learning, students will master topics like economics, business law and negotiations and will get to practice real-life negotiations common among a variety of different cultures. Students will also have access to skill-building electives like Legal Aspects of Real Estate and Global Social Entrepreneurship.

Minor Requirements

Required Lower-Division Courses
ECON 101Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 102Principles of Macroeconomics3
Required Upper-Division Courses
BUSN 377Negotiation in a Global Business Environment3
Select one of the following:3
Business Law II
International Business Law and Ethics
Elective Courses6
Select two of the following:
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Law and Economics
Business and Society
Business Law I
Environmental Management
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Theory and Global Leadership
Women in Management
Business Leadership
Global Social Entrepreneurship
Legal Aspects of Real Estate
Constitutional Law and American Government:Federalism and Separation of Powers
Total Units18