Information Technology Management Minor

​Put your tech-savvy skills to work.

Do you enjoy troubleshooting and helping your friends and family with technology? You might want to consider minoring in our information management technology program. Businesses and government entities of all sizes rely on people just like you to keep their productivity thriving through technology and information systems best practices.

With a minor in information technology management, you will understand how to solve problems in business using the internet, databases and programming software. You can even choose to study digital design and development—including learning how to build an interactive website or design a mobile app—so you can become a more competitive candidate in today's digital environment.

Students gathered around table We have big goals for you. From the moment you are admitted into the program, we will help you meet your personal and professional goals, like developing strong technical skills in business. We encourage feedback from students on the value of our curriculum, giving you the opportunity to help us refine your degree program for future USD students.
Student holding up app on phone Launch innovative apps and prosperous careers. Students who minor in information technology management find careers in a variety of positions, such as computer systems analyst, software developer, computer programmer and more.