Pengcheng Zhu

Pengcheng Zhu
Phone: (619) 260-2382
Office: Olin Hall 208

Associate Professor of Finance

  • PhD, Carleton University, Finance
  • MBA, Carleton University
  • BBA, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Finance
Phil Zhu teaches courses in corporate finance, international finance, and financial reporting and analysis. His research focuses on mergers and acquisitions, top executives and corporate strategy, and the financial market in China. He has published research articles in several academic journals including Administrative Science Quarterly, Review of Accounting Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Research and Financial Management.
Before joining the USD faculty, Zhu taught at the Eberhardt School of Business at the University of the Pacific and the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. He also worked as a business consultant for a global management consulting firm in Canada. Zhu is a CFA charterholder.


  • Masters of Science in Finance Professor of Impact Award, 2017, 2018
  • Best Paper Award, Accounting Horizons Special Forum on Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Governance Practices in China, 2017
  • Chan Hahn Best Paper Award Finalist, Academy of Management, 2017
  • Emerald Best Paper Award, China Finance Review International Conference, 2016
  • CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Capital Markets Research Award, 2016
  • Emerald – IFA Second Best Paper Award, India Finance Conference, 2016
  • SBA Faculty Steber Fellowship Award, University of San Diego, 2015
  • SBA Dual Excellence Award, University of San Diego, 2014
  • Distinguished Paper Award of BPS Division, Academy of Management, 2014
  • Best Paper Award in Strategy, Administrative Science Association of Canada, 2014, 2018
  • Best Paper Award in International Business, Administrative Science Association of Canada, 2013
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, Student Investment Fund at University of the Pacific, 2013
  • Hoefer Prize for Leadership in Experiential Learning, University of the Pacific, 2012
  • Outstanding Paper in Finance by the Academy of Economics and Finance, 2011
  • Barclay Global Investor Canada Research Award, 2006

Selected Publications

  • Bowen, R., Dutta, S., Tang, S., Zhu, P. (2018) Inside the “black box” of Private In-house Meetings, Review of Accounting Studies, 23(2), 487-527.
  • Malhotra, S., Reus, T., Zhu, P., Roelofsen, E. (2018) The Acquisitive Nature of Extraverted CEOs, Administrative Science Quarterly, 63(2), 370-408.
  • Malhotra, S., Zhu, P., Taco, R. (2015) Anchoring on the Acquisition Premium Decisions of Others, Strategic Management Journal, 36(12), 1866-1876.
  • Gaur, A., Malhotra, S., Zhu, P. (2013) Acquisition announcements and stock market valuations of acquiring firms' rivals: A test of the growth probability hypothesis in China, Strategic Management Journal, 34(2), 215-232.
  • Zhu, P., Jog, V., Otchere, I. (2011) Partial acquisitions in emerging markets: A test of the strategic market entry and corporate control hypotheses, Journal of Corporate Finance, 17(2), 288-305.
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