Entrepreneurship Minor

Define your own path.

Our entrepreneurship classes are designed to provide you with the foundational leadership and venture-vetting skills of highly successful entrepreneurs—whether your goal is to start a new business, advance in your current company or join a fast-paced startup.

Throughout the program, we will teach you to think like a founder or C-level executive as you learn how to identify socially innovative opportunities, prepare business plans and deal with legal issues. And our close connections in the San Diego business community provide you with ample opportunity to network with industry leaders both inside and outside of the classroom.

Andreas interview on couch Play Video
The grateful entrepreneur. Andreas Roell ’99, global entrepreneur
"My professor of finance was the first CFO of my company."
Navid being interviewed on couch Play Video
The Independent Thinker. Navid Alipour '03 MBA/JD
"The experiences I had here prepared me."

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Students giving pitch at v2 Play our version of Shark Tank. Compete against other USD students for a chance to pitch your business idea to real angel investors—and win up to $100,000.
Unifyed representatives selling drinks Do well by doing good. Here is your chance to dream up an innovative business venture that solves the social, economic or environmental issues you are most passionate about.