​Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership

Boost your leadership skills.

Every leader has technical skills and knowledge. But what makes great leaders shine is the ability to rally their peers—and confidently lead teams. In addition to the hard skills needed to overcome organizational challenges, effective leaders also need soft skills like interpersonal communication and organizational leadership. This is where our Certificate in Business Leadership comes in.

We designed this unique undergraduate program to teach you valuable leadership skills that will enable you to lead teams to maximum productivity, starting with understanding your own unique leadership style. You will learn your Myers-Briggs Indicator Type and discover how to find harmony between your style and other personality types.

As you continue through our four interactive sessions, you will learn to motivate and inspire others—both individually and in teams—through classes taught by proven leaders like Robin McCoy, clinical professor of management, and a passionate, experienced team of USD professors and alumni. Plus, you will earn three points toward your Professional Development Passport credit. This program is open to all Knauss School of Business undergraduate students.

Learn more about our program sessions.

Session 1: The Leadership Basics and The Leader in You

Take an in-depth look at your personal leadership awareness. You will develop a powerful base of critical leadership theory by completing a vigorous process of self-examination, including MBTI and DISC analysis, to reveal the leader within.

Session 2: Team Leadership

Learn how to develop and lead others by experiencing challenges to team dynamics and developing practical solutions. You will practice leadership in real business scenarios, learning to motivate and inspire others while taking a deep dive into understanding groups and the dynamics involved.

Session 3: Organizational Leadership

Explore leadership from an organizational and community perspective. Learn how to achieve strategic goals through powerful leadership perspectives, gather skills useful in creating and driving change within organizations and increase your comfort level with the "big picture."

Session 4: The Leadership Plan

Create your leadership development plan, designing a roadmap that leads you to continuous personal growth and development. Hone your professional vision and goals while connecting with USD alumni who are ready to serve as your leadership mentors.

Take the first step.

We are eager to help you polish your leadership skills. This program is only one session per semester, so be sure to check with your advisor to plan the perfect time to get started.

Need more information?

Email questions about the certificate program to Professor Rebecca Nieman at rnieman@sandiego.edu.