Business Economics Major​

Embrace your inner analyst.

Do cycles, forecasting, risk analysis and economic theory excite you? Analytical skills happen to be in very high demand—and very lucrative—especially in the finance world. As a business economics major at the Knauss School of Business, you can prepare for a thrilling career as an analyst in investment banking, government or even public policy.

As you deepen your understanding of how management and government policies such as taxes, subsidies, tariffs and quotas affect economic growth and unemployment, you will also study a variety of business topics like organizational behavior and business law. And you will learn all of this from faculty who have worked in every area of business, from the Federal Reserve to multinational corporations.

To further enhance your learning, we offer courses like Business Cycles and Forecasting, where you will work with other students to collect real-world business and economic data to create forecasting models. We have seen students predict the future path of stock prices, new home construction and even craft beer sales. Learn more about our business economics major on Twitter, LinkedIn and at the Econ Council


Students in classroom working Get your economics know-how here. USA Today ranks our undergraduate program 14th for macroeconomics and 12th for microeconomics.
Student at career fair talking to representative Highly paid, highly respected. Popular career tracks for business economics majors include investment banking analysts and financial analysts. And according to PayScale, they're some of the highest paid.
Student with headphones, studying Preparing you from day one, for day one. As a business economics major, we will help you polish your technical skills and analytical abilities so that you can hit the ground running in consulting, forecasting or analysis.