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Learning how to lead through peace and commerce.

The Student International Business Council (SIBC) is a privately endowed, student-led organization dedicated to peace through commerce. Focused on leadership, international business and responsible business conduct, the long-term goal of the council is for you to develop into a business professional who plays a fundamental role in peace around the world. SIBC completes several projects every year in collaboration with business leaders in the San Diego area and other parts of the world, giving you real world experience using commerce to facilitate positive change. Through the SIBC, you also have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States to attend leadership conferences and complete internships.

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Our Founder


The "Knauss School of Business at the University of San Diego" is one of only three universities in the nation with a privately endowed student-run Student International Business Council (SIBC). The mission of the SIBC is to empower students through the ethical advancement of international commerce by developing leadership, entrepreneurial ability and global interaction.

The SIBC was founded at the University of Notre Dame in 1989 with the help of businessman and philanthropist Frank Potenziani. His long-term goal for the council is to develop individuals who will go on to play a fundamental role in peace around the world.

In 2002, Potenziani expanded the SIBC to the University of San Diego and Benedictine College in Kansas City, Missouri. He has since generously endowed the student-run organization at USD with a $1.1 million dollar endowment. Potenziani, and his associates meet frequently with students to provide ongoing counsel and mentorship to all three organizations, and the three sister councils enjoy collaboration on joint projects and networking opportunities throughout the year.