​Accounting Society By-Laws

Learn our code of conduct for becoming a member, electing officers and holding business meetings as an Accounting Society member in the School of Business.



University of San Diego


Section 1: The name of this organization shall be:


University of San Diego


Section 1: These By-Laws shall be the principal governing document of Accounting Society, and any Constitution or By-Laws previously existing are hereby superseded and null and void.

Section 2: The Accounting Society affirms its knowledge of and adherence to all applicable University regulations.

Section 3: At least two copies of the By-Laws shall be maintained at all times. One copy shall be placed on AS~BAP Website so as to be readily accessible at all times to members of the Organization. A second copy shall be in the custody of the Faculty Advisor.

Section 4: Should a Manual of Organization Operations be prepared, it shall be considered as an Appendix to these By-Laws, and therefore subject to the same provisions covering Amendments to the By-Laws.


Section 1: The objective of the Accounting Society shall be to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. This objective includes, but is not limited to the following sub-objectives: to instill in its members a motivation for self-improvement; to foster high moral and ethical standards in its members; to cultivate a sense of responsibility and service in its members; to promote the collegiate study of professional accountancy; and to provide opportunities for association among its members and professional accountants.



Section 1: The membership of this Organization shall consist of those individuals who are members as of the adoption of these By-Laws, and who are periodically admitted to membership in such manner and under such requirements as may be prescribed herein or by the By-Laws.

Section 2: Membership in the Organization shall be open to all persons, without discrimination, who are interested in the aims and purposes of the Accounting Society, who are willing to subscribe to its By-Laws and who are otherwise qualified under provisions set forth in those documents.

Section 3: Only students in good standing shall be entitled to vote and hold office. All members in good standing may enjoy privileges of this organization. Members in good standing are those who maintain their membership by payment of dues on or before the last Friday in September or February and/or otherwise comply with these By-Laws and the regulations of the Accounting Society as recorded in the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and/or membership.

Section 4: In addition to complying with all qualifications for membership specified in the By-Laws, each member in this Organization shall meet all the requirements of this Article.

Section 5: Any undergraduate or graduate student shall be considered for membership if s/he is interested in accounting or accounting related issues.

Section 6: To be considered for membership, a prospective member must have attended at least one Accounting Society meeting during the academic year in which s/he seeks to be a member.

Section 7: The membership drive will be held at least twice in each academic year.

Probation and Expulsion:

Section 1: Any member whose dues have not been paid within two weeks of the required time as set forth more fully in Paragraph A, Section 3 above, shall no longer be a member. All privileges of the organization shall be denied.

Section 2: A member shall be reinstated only upon full payment of his/her account, including applicable late fees.

Section 3: A member may resign or be expelled from the Organization based upon majority recommendation of Accounting Faculty.


Section 1: Business Meetings shall be held concurrently with Beta Alpha Psi. There will be a minimum of four meetings per month. One Organization meeting will be held per semester.

Section 2: Emergency meeting may be called by the Presiding Officer or by a majority of the Executive committee providing that the Faculty Advisor does not dissent from such action:

Notice of emergency meetings must be given forty-eight (48) hours in advance to all active members who, are at that time, in the local area, or who reside full-time at a location other than in the University area.
Organization business may be conducted at an emergency meeting.

Rules and Regulations:

Section 1: A quorum shall consist of 25% of all active members. All action of such quorum shall be legal and binding upon the Organization and its membership, pursuant to Article VI, Paragraph A of the By-Laws.

Section 2: A Business Meeting shall be defined as a meeting open to the active membership at which organizational business may be transacted or discussed. Such Business Meetings shall be duly called and conducted under proper parliamentary procedure.



Section 1: All active members present at an Accounting Society meeting shall have full and complete voting power at such a meeting.

Section 2: In the case of amendments to the Accounting Society By-Laws, all active members shall have the right to vote by attending a duly called Accounting Society meeting. All such members shall be informed of such meeting and proposed amendments within a reasonable time before the holding of the meeting.

Section 3: By-Laws may be amended only by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of those active members voting.

Section 4: Alumni shall be permitted to attend meetings, participate in all discussion and offer suggestion at such meetings, and serve on committees, but shall not have the right to vote.

Section 5: Voting for officers shall be by secret ballot.

Section 6: There shall be no provision for proxy voting.

Nominations for Officers, Directorships, Elections and Installations:

Section 1: The Organization program for each academic year shall designate one Organization meeting for, but not limited to, the nomination of Organization officers and one Organization meeting for, but not limited to, the election of Organization officers. Officers will be elected annually in the fall semester of each year.

Section 2: Nominations shall be held during the meetings designated for this purpose, and from the floor during the meeting designated for election of officers.

Section 3: The election for the individual offices shall be voted upon separately. Officers shall be elected in the following order: President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Section 4: After the election for each office, nominations shall be re-opened for the next ranking office; a candidate defeated for any office shall be considered eligible for any one of the remaining offices.

Section 5: Candidates for any office shall have the opportunity to briefly address the membership, should the candidate so desire.

Section 6: Any active member, who holds a directorship for a minimum of two (2) months, shall be eligible to run for any office.

Section 7: The candidate receiving a majority of votes on the first ballot for an office shall be declared elected to that office. In the event of a tie, subsequent ballots shall be cast by the members in attendance until one candidate receives a majority.

Section 8: Installation of officers shall be held at the Organization meeting preceding the annual Holiday Reception.

Section 9: In the event a new office is created or a vacancy occurs in an existing office a special appointee will be made by the Faculty Advisor in concert with the BAP Advisor.

Section 10: The Directorships shall be appointed each semester by the Executive Board in concert with the Faculty Advisor.

Rules of Order

Section 1: The parliamentarian shall be the Faculty Advisor and he/she shall settle any dispute concerning rules of order or other related technicalities, according to Robert's Rules of Order.


Elected Officers:

Section 1: The President shall:

  • Be responsible for and have authority over the planning and conducting of the affairs of the Organization.
  • Have such powers and responsibilities as precedent and reason dictate for the presiding officer of a fraternal organization.
  • Appoint Directorships.

Section 2: The Faculty Advisor shall:

  • Act as the official Faculty Advisor for the Organization.
  • Counsel and assist the officers and various committees.
  • Act as the official Parliamentarian.
  • Assure the continuity of the Organization, and act as the liaison with Beta Alpha Psi, keeping them informed of the Organization's Activities.

Section 3: The Vice President shall:

  • Serve as an assistant to the President, presiding in his/her absence and succeeding him/her upon his/her resignation or removal from office.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and report to Executive Committee concerning the progress being made by such committees.
  • Keep track of attendance.
  • Determine outstanding members in conjunction with Faculty Advisor.

Section 4: The Secretary shall:

  • Keep a record of the proceedings of the Organization meetings, and be prepared to report such information to the membership, should that Officer be ordered to do so, either by the Presiding Officer or by request from the floor if such request is seconded.
  • Maintain a complete file for all committee reports and other material designated to be kept by said officer on the order of the Presiding Officer.
  • Maintain the Organizational bulletin board.
  • Assist other officers with such correspondence as is necessary for the administration of the fraternity.
  • Keep records of all correspondence in appropriate files.
  • Take an accurate and complete record of minutes of each Organization meeting.
  • Take care of all publicity for the Organization meetings.

B. Directors: Directors shall be appointed and responsibilities shall be required as defined on a separate document titled Directorships and Responsibilities, and found on the AS~BAP website.

C. Other:

Section 1: Any deviation from the duties described above shall be determined by the President, and shall terminate with the term of office of the President, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 2: The Organization shall have the power, as judged by the President and/or Faculty Advisor, to declare any office vacant on account of graduation, withdrawal, continued absence or inability of an officer to administer properly, the duties of the office and shall have the power to appoint officers to fill such vacancies. In the event an office is filled under this Section, the normal procedures for election are superseded and temporarily suspended, and the office shall be filled by nomination, open election, and installation during the same meeting.

Section 3: Decisions reached by the Executive committee shall be by the majority vote of its members with the exception of the Faculty Advisor. Active members, faculty members, honorary members and alumni members may attend any meeting of the Executive committee, and participate in any discussion at such meeting, but have no voting powers.


Section 1: Student membership dues shall be $100 per year (covers two semesters), payable on or before the last Friday of September, or the last Friday of February. Dues paid after that date will be charged a late fee of $5.00. Faculty and honorary members are charged no dues.

Section 2: Dues may be increased or decreased without amendment hereto, provided such an increase or decrease is approved by the Organization membership at or before the first business meeting of the semester during which such increase or decrease shall be in effect.

Section 3: Any special assessment or refund of dues must be approved by the Organization membership at an Organization business meeting at least fourteen (14) days preceding the date on which the dues shall be assessed or refunded in full or in part.


Section 1: These By-Laws may be amended, suspended, added to or stricken by a two-thirds vote of the student members voting, as provided in Article VI, Paragraph A, Section 3.

Section 2: No amendment shall be effective until a copy of the amendment or a copy of the amended By-Laws, are transmitted to the appropriate University officials.

Section 3: Any amendments to the By-Laws must be appended to the two copies noted in Section 4 of Article II.

Note: These By-Laws incorporate all amendments as of August 2010.