​Accounting Society

​Join the Accounting Society.

We're dedicated to helping students grow in their leadership skills through professional development, servant leadership and exposure to the latest trends and topics in the accounting industry. As an Accounting Society member, you will have access to numerous networking and service events.

The Accounting Society's mission is:

  • To provide members with opportunities for academic, personal and professional development so that they may contribute effectively and ethically to their organizations and society;
  • To serve the community and develop individuals as conscientious members of the community through participation in civic activities;
  • To build unity within the organization and establish friendships and networks that extend beyond the college career;
  • To educate members about the opportunities provided by all sectors of the business professions including accounting, finance, real estate, information technology and supply chain management;
  • To aspire to continuous improvement in all activities so that members may perform effectively in today's business environment; and most importantly, to have fun with fellow classmates and members.

Dress for success.

We encourage you to always portray a professional image. It's actually great practice for when you're ready to enter the business world. Here are some tips we put together for you on how to dress the part.