Knauss School of Business Internships

​Practice business skills—in a real business setting.

The Knauss School of Business at the University of San Diego is committed to helping you gain practical experience and build your resume through interning. In fact, we strongly encourage you to have one or more internships during your course of study, whether it is done for academic or Passport Program credit.

The Student Internship Fund

The Knauss School of Business Student Internship Fund provides high-quality business learning opportunities to undergraduate and MBA students by offering grants to help fund students who participate in a summer internship.The fund has been made possible by the Knauss School of Business. Interested undergraduate and MBA students can fill out an application

Students granted this award are eligible to receive aid that will be dispersed into their financial aid package the following fall semester.

Contact Grace Williamson, senior director of student professional development, for more information.

Undergraduate business school internships

By the time you are a junior, you will want to pursue one of the many internship opportunities out there. Whether that means helping a startup get off the ground or finding your place in a Fortune 500 company, we can help you secure a challenging learning experience in the real world of business.

Our undergraduate internship class awards you three units of academic credit for working a minimum of 96 hours during a semester. The course is open to seniors with a business, accounting or economics major. If you are a second-semester junior with a business major or a senior with a business minor, you can request special permission to do an internship for credit.

You can also complete a not-for-credit internship of your choice at any time during your studies for Passport Points. To do so, please submit a Registration Form before starting your internship. After you complete your internship, you will be required to complete an Experimental and Internship Learning Reflection Form.

Graduate business school internships

Nearly all our full-time graduate students do internships during the summer and many do them during the second year of their program, too. Whether they are working with local nonprofits or global enterprises, our students often turn these valuable opportunities into full-time jobs.

Our graduate internship class awards you up to three units of credit for a minimum of 300 hours of work during the summer (150 hours in the fall or spring semester) and is open to MBA students who have completed all course prerequisites (check out our Graduate Bulletin for more details). The work level must challenge you, enhance your education and allow you to apply your business school classroom knowledge.

Employers can contact USD's Student Success Center office at for additional information.