Student Organizations

The international business major covers a broad range of skills and knowledge and prepares students for careers in private industry, government, and non-profit organizations, as well as for graduate study in business.

International Business Club

The International Business Club supports international business majors and minors. The International Business Club explores potential career paths and opportunities for students pursuing international business studies, as well as provides networking activities related to international business to help students understand cross cultural differences and promote awareness of global issues. The IB Club sponsors interactive networking events with local international business alumni, professors and current students for all levels of the student body who have an interest in or are a declared international business major or minor. Through expanding knowledge in international business, we hope to empower and enlighten the student body because "business has no boundaries." The club holds about one event per month during the regular semesters.

Advisor: Erin Kellaway
Contact: (619) 260-6809

Student International Business Council 

The Student International Business Council is a privately-endowed, student-led organization dedicated to its vision of Peace through Commerce. Focused on leadership, international business and responsible business conduct, the long term goal of the council is to develop individuals who will go on to play a fundamental role in peace around the world. The Council completes several projects per year in conjunction with business leaders in the San Diego area and other parts of the world, giving students real world experience using commerce to facilitate positive change. The Council sends students overseas for leadership conferences and internships and is looking to expand in this aspect of the organization in upcoming years.

Advisor: Robin McCoy
Contact: (619) 260-7774