The accountancy major in the School of Business at the University of San Diego develops the world’s future accountants—and offers multiple tracks. In any track, you’ll take business core classes covering operations, information systems, macroeconomics and more, providing you with a strong foundation for your future career.

These courses will help focus your career path toward these possible tracks:

  • Accountancy

    Primarily focused on accountancy and recommended for students interested in public accounting and who plan to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.
  • Accountancy and Supply Chain Management

    The secondary focus on supply chain management includes courses on strategic cost and negotiation.
  • Accountancy and Finance/Real Estate

    The secondary focus on finance and/or real estate includes courses on international financial management, investments, corporate finance, personal finance, principles of real estate, legal aspects of real estate and more.
  • Accountancy and Information Systems/Technology

    The secondary focus on information systems and technology includes courses on database design and implementation, website design, e-commerce and more.   

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