Master's in Accountancy

University of San Diego
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Master's in Accountancy


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The program that provides the skills and experience to accelerate your accounting career. Gain the experience you need to become a high-level accountant or CPA.

The Master of Science in Accountancy (MACC) at the "Knauss School of Business at the University of San Diego" offers a curriculum that focuses on interactively developing the skills needed by accountants and financial managers. This program is a specialized master's degree designed to provide accountants the skills needed in mid to upper-level accounting positions and skills needed in professional positions where finance, information systems and related financial skills are as essential as accounting skills. Further, the program provides students with leadership, communication, interpersonal and ethical skills for supervisory-level positions.

In less than one year, we equip you with:

  • Real-world, practical accounting experience
  • A personalized learning experience
  • Academically rigorous and relevant curriculum
  • Values-based education
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Connections to industry professionals

Location: on campus, two nights per week
Program Length: 10-12 months
Total Courses: 10 courses (30 units)
Cohort Size: self-paced

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