​Master's in Supply Chain Management Sample Schedule

The master's in supply chain management program offers you a flexible schedule that gives you the tools to strengthen your supply chain management skills and immediately apply what you learn to your job. It takes about 22 months to complete the program, which you can start in the fall. You will spend 15 days on campus and complete the rest of your instruction online.

Core curriculum = 36 credits

First Year

First Semester, Year One
Residence session I (four days on campus)
MSCM 561 Supply Chain Strategy and Design
MSCM 563 Supply Management
MSCM 581A International Negotiations
Second Semester, Year One
Residence session II (three days on campus)
MSCM 562 Operational Processes
MSCM 564 Strategic Cost Management
MSCM 565 Finance and Risk Management
Third Semester, Year One
Residence III (two days on campus)
MSCM 566 Project Management Principles
MSCM 582 Distribution and Logistics

Second Year

Fourth Semester, Year Two
Residence IV (three days on campus)
MSCM 581B International Negotiations
MSCM 583 Leadership and Change Management
MSCM 585 Sustainable Global Supply Chain
MSCM 599A Advanced Integrative Project
Fifth Semester, Year Two
Residence V (three days on campus)
MSCM 581C: International Negotiations
MSCM 584 Law, Ethics and Contracts
MSCM 586 Value Network Management
MSCM 599B Advanced Integrative Project
Project Presentations
Value Network Management Presentations
Exit Interviews
Graduation Reception