​Master's in Executive Leadership Sample Schedule

Throughout the program, you will explore and master leadership theory and practice, ranging from self-leadership to the visionary management that transforms organizations. We will help you accomplish this in 22 months through a flexible format that accommodates the busiest work schedules. Classes take place on weekends either remotely or on campus — those denoted with (R) take place remotely and the rest take place on campus.

Classes are offered monthly over the course of one weekend including Friday, Saturday and a half-day on Sunday.

Please note the following exceptions:

  • A one-week session at the beginning of the program
  • One week-long study abroad course during the fall of your second semester
  • Two weekend courses begin on Thursday and extend through Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday


A one-week-long orientation takes place in August from Sunday to Friday.


Total Program Units = 36

Disclaimer: The schedule below is subject to change.

First Year

Dates Fall 2022

Fall Year One
August Orientation: Half Day
August MSEL 520 Preparing for Leadership: Self-Appraisal and Analysis (3 units)
September (R) MSEL 540 Introduction to Leadership (1.25 units)
September (R) MSEL 541 Business Analytics for Strategic Decision Making (part 1) (1.75 units)
October MSEL 541 Business Analytics for Strategic Decision Making (part 2 )
November (R) MSEL 521 Optimizing Individual Learning (1.5 units)
December MSEL 524 Communicating Your Leadership Point of View (1.5 units)
Dates Spring 2023 Spring Year One
January (R) MSEL 523 Ethics and Leadership (1.5 units)
February MSEL 528 Problem Solving & Negotiations (1.5 units)
March (R) MSEL 527 Partnering for Performance Using SL II® (1.5 units)
April MSEL 529 Leadership in a Team Context (1.5 units)
May (R) MSEL 532 Designing Organizational Culture: Values & Alignment (1.5 units)
Dates Summer 2023                                  Summer 2021
June MSEL 535 Accounting for Organizational Leaders (2.25 units)
July (R) MSEL 539 Finance for Organizational Leaders (2.25 units)

Second Year

Dates Fall 2023 Fall Year Two
September (R) MSEL 531 Leading Organizational Change (1.5 units)
October STUDY ABROAD: MSEL 530 Leadership in a Global Context (1.5 units)
October STUDY ABROAD: MSEL 533 Innovation & Organizational Learning (1.5 units)
November (R) MSEL 542 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Organizational Leaders (part 1) (1.5 units)
December (R) MSEL 522 Leadership, Power & Politics (1.5 units)
Dates Spring 2024 Spring Year Two
January MSEL 526 Culture at Work: Putting Principles into Practice (1.5 units)
February (R) MSEL 537 Executing Strategic Initiatives (1.5 units)
March MSEL 534 Marketing Strategy, Structure & Processes (part 1)
April (R) MSEL 534 Marketing Strategy, Structure & Processes (part 2) (2.25 units)
April (R) MSEL 543 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Organizational Leaders (part 2) (0.75 units)
May MSEL 538 Leadership for the Future (1.5 units)