MBA/Master's in Supply Chain Management — (MBA/MSSCM)

Make your mark on the global supply chain.

This dual degree program is for professionals who aspire to be well versed in all aspects of the business and develop expertise in supply chain and operations. The MBA classes can be completed in a full-time or part-time format, while the Master's in Supply Chain Management (MSSCM) classes are conducted in a unique hybrid blend of online and on-campus classes -- a format designed to meet the demanding schedules of supply chain professionals.

Complementary classes

Eight of the units you take for the MBA will count toward your MSSCM degree, and fourteen of the units you take for the MSSCM will count toward your MBA degree. This means that you will be able to complete both degrees with a total of seventy units.  We encourage you to apply for both programs prior to starting your degree.  However, it may be possible to add the second degree after you have already begun graduate school here at USD.

Unit Breakdown

Total MBA Units: 42

Total MSSCM Units: 28

Sample Course Sequence – Full-Time MBA/MSSCM

First Year

Fall (18 units)
GSBA 500 Strategic Thinking & Communication (2)
GSBA 502 Statistics for Managers (2)
GSBA 504 Marketing for Global Managers (2)
GSBA 505 Financial Management and Analysis (3)
GSBA 510 Financial Accounting and Statement Analysis (3)
GSBA 515 Leading Multicultural Teams and Organizations (3)
GSBA 518 Economics in a Global Environment (3)
Intersession (3 units)
GSBA 593 International Consulting Project (3)
Spring (12 units)
GSBA 503 Problem Formulation and Decision Analysis (2)
GSBA 508 Legal and Social Environment of Business (2)
GSBA 512 Negotiations (3)
GSBA 517 Sustainable Business Model Innovation and Design (2)
Non-Supply Chain MBA Electives (3)
MBA Internship

Second Year

Fall (9 units)
MSCM 561 Supply Chain Strategy and Design (3)
MSCM 563 Supply Management (3)
GSBA 595 Business Consulting Project (Required if didn’t take 593) or Elective (3)
Spring (9 units)
GSBA 590 Agile Strategies (3)
MSCM 562 Operational Processes (3)
MSCM 564 Strategic Cost Management (3)
Summer (5 units)
MSCM 566 Project Management Principles (3)
MSCM 582 Distribution and Logistics (2)

Third Year

Fall (6 units)
MSCM 585 Sustainable Global Supply Chain (2)
MSCM 599 A Advanced Integrative Project (1)
Non-Supply Chain MBA Electives (3)
Spring (8 units)
MSCM 584 Law, Ethics and Contracts (3)
MSCM 586 Value Network Management (3)
MSCM 599B Advanced Integrative Project (2)

Additional MBA Requirements

To Complete During Program
Community Service (two 6-8 hour projects or one 15+ hour project)
Leadership Labs

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