​MBA/Master's in Business Analytics

Wield data to make a positive impact in society.

With the dual MBA/Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), you will gain a strong business foundation with the ability to develop applied analytical skills in order to make relevant and informed data-driven business decisions. 

In a world where business professionals are increasingly asked to use data to make informed decisions, business analytics has become a fundamental field that can be applied to many functional business roles.

To pursue this dual degree program, you will need to apply and be accepted by both the MBA and the MSBA programs. Once you are accepted, you will participate in both programs at the same time, focusing on your MBA coursework during the first year of your studies before switching to MSBA courses in your second year.

Unit Breakdown
Total MBA Units Required: 39
Total MSBA Units Required: 31


Sample Course Sequence – Full-Time MBA/MSBA

First Year

Fall Year One Courses
Fall Year One (12 units)
GSBA 500 Sustainable Strategies for the Entrepreneurial Manager (2)
GSBA 501 Leading Multicultural Teams and Organizations (2)
GSBA 502 Statistics and Analytics for Decision Making (2)
GSBA 504 Marketing for Global Managers (2)
GSBA 507 Financial Accounting and Statement Analysis (2)
GSBA 509 Financial Management and Analysis (2)
Intersession Year One Courses
Intersession Year One (3 units)
GSBA 593 International Consulting Project (3)
Spring Year One Courses
Spring Year One (10 units)
GSBA 503 Problem Formulation and Decision Analysis (2)
GSBA 506 Operations and Global Supply Chain Management (2)
GSBA 508 Law, Policy and Ethics in Global Business (2)
GSBA 514 Economics in a Global Environment (2)
GSBA Elective (2)
Summer Year One Courses
Summer Year One (1 unit)
GSBA 598 Internship (1) or an Elective (1) in another term

Second Year

Fall Year Two Courses
Fall Year 2 (18 units)
MSBA 500 Introduction to Data Analytics & Business Concepts (2)
MSBA 501 Applied Statistics (2)
MSBA 502 Analytics Programming I (2)
MSBA 503 Analytics Programming II (2)
MSBA 504 Data Management (2)
MSBA 505 Interactive Data Visualization (2)
MSBA 506 Prescriptive Analytics (2)
MSBA 507 Data for Social Good (2)
GSBA 516 Current Trends in the Business Environment (2)
Intersession Year Two Courses
Intersession Year Two (3 units)
MSBA 510 International Consulting Project (3)
Spring Year Two Courses
Spring Year Two (18 units)
GSBA 590 Agile Strategies for Fourth Industrial Revolution (3)
MSBA 511 Data Mining for Business Analytics (3)
MSBA 512 Capstone Course (3)
Three Discipline Specific MSBA courses (9)


 Additional MBA Requirements to be completed

  • Community Service (two 6-8 hour projects or one 15+ hour project)
  • Career and Professional Development course*
  • Leadership Labs

*Waived for students enrolled in the Evening Part-Time MBA or Hybrid Part-Time MBA program.

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