​Full-Time MBA Curriculum and Courses

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From leadership development to integrative problem solving, here is the list of required courses you need to complete your MBA. A total of 53 units are required for all Full-Time MBA students. Of these, 31 are derived from core courses, and 22 from electives.


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From finance to entrepreneurship, you can earn a specialized MBA by concentrating your electives in one of eight relevant business fields.

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2020-2021, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on April 1, 2020. Access the catalog of record at https://catalogs.sandiego.edu.

Requirements for the MBA Degree: Full-Time MBA 

Prerequisites are indicated in parentheses. Degree requirements include coursework, applied projects, international experiences and career/professional development-oriented activities.

Leadership Development (3 units)
GSBA 515Leading Multicultural Teams and Organizations (Includes a 3-day trip to Mexico)
International Experience: An international practicum short-term course abroad, semester exchange, or international dual degree program is required in addition to the GSBA 515 class offered partially in Mexico
Career and Professional Development Course
Leadership Labs
Business Function Core (13 units)
GSBA 504Marketing for Global Managers
GSBA 505Financial Management and Analysis
GSBA 506Operations and Global Supply Chain Management
GSBA 510Financial Accounting and Statement Analysis
GSBA 518Economics in a Global Environment
Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Ethics (6 units and co-curricular requirements)
GSBA 508Law, Policy and Ethics in Global Business
GSBA 517Sustainable Business Model Innovation and Design
Elective in CSR/Sustainability/Ethics Area (2 units)
Two business related community service activities (12 - 15 hours)
Integrated Problem Solving (12)
GSBA 500Strategy for the Entrepreneurial Manager
GSBA 502Statistics and Analytics for Decision Making
GSBA 503Problem Formulation and Decision Analysis
GSBA 590Agile Strategies
Select one from the following:
GSBA 593International Consulting Project
GSBA 595Business Consulting Project
Program Electives (22)

There are a wide variety of elective courses available. Students may earn a concentration by focusing their elective courses in a particular area of expertise. A maximum of 6 units may be chosen from the School of Law or other relevant USD graduate program. For courses outside the MBA program, permission must be obtained from the MBA advisor. See the appropriate section of this course catalog or the School of Law Course Catalog for information about course offerings outside the School of Business. Prerequisites for all elective courses must be observed.

Courses Abroad: Electives (as well as the international courses) can be taken in the study abroad programs sponsored by the John Ahlers Center for International Business. Courses may also be taken at one of our partner universities for a semester study abroad experience.