​Master's in Accountancy/Taxation Sample Schedule

Whether you are a Master of Science in Accounting (MACC) student or Master of Science in Taxation (MTAX) student, you will build an advanced foundation in ethics, leadership and negotiation. The MACC schedule is designed to be flexible while the MTAX schedule is more structured to simulate the nature of a tax career.

Classes are offered once per calendar year and each one is three units. We hold all of our classes at USD's campus. Our five-week classes are held two nights per week and ten-week classes are held one night per week. Prerequisite classes are held during daytime hours. Our admissions committee will inform you of whether you need additional prerequisites.

Unit Breakdown

Total MACC Units: 30
  • Required: 9 units
  • Electives: 21 units
Total MTAX Units: 30
  • Required: 24 units
  • Electives: 6 units

Pre-program preparation (for international students)

The International Student Introductory Program is held in early to mid-August.

MACC 522 Investment Planning and Risk Management    
MACC 533 Accounting Analytics    
MACC 540 Controllership and Cost Management    
MACC 561 Partnership Taxation   Required
MACC 562 Estate and Gift Taxation and Planning   Required
MACC 598 Professional Accountancy Internship    
MACC 520 Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning    
MACC 531 Applied Research for Financial Accountants and Auditors    
MACC 560 Tax Research   Required
MACC 564 Advanced Corporate Taxation   Required
MACC 594 Not-for-Profit Accounting     
MACC 594 Entrepreneurial Finance    
MACC 598 Professional Accountancy Internship    
MACC 501 Ethics for Accounting Professionals Required Required
MACC 502 Leadership in an Accounting Team Environment Required Required
MACC 503 Negotiations: Strategy, Practice and Ethics Required Required
MACC 525 Financial Statement Analysis for Accountants    
MACC 532 Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting    
MACC 563 State and Local Taxation   Required
MACC 565 Taxation, Policies and Procedures    
MACC 580 International Accounting Standards (study abroad class taken concurrently with MACC 581)    
MACC 581 European Accounting Business Environment (study abroad class taken concurrently with MACC 580)    
MACC 598 Professional Accountancy Internship    

*For MACC, select seven additional elective classes with approval from the academic program director.
For example, MACC 540 and MACC 533 during Fall; MACC 520 during Intersession; MACC 531 and MACC 594 during Spring; and MACC 525 and MACC 532 during Summer. Electives will vary by student.

**For MTAX, select two additional elective classes with approval from the academic program director.