​Master's in Accountancy/Taxation Sample Schedule

The Master of Science in Accounting (MACC) schedule is designed to be flexible while the Master of Science in Taxation (MTAX) schedule is more structured to simulate the nature of a tax career. MACC and the MTAX classes are held on campus. Five-week-long classes take place two nights per week and ten-week-long classes take place one night per week.*

Prerequisite classes are held during daytime hours. The admissions committee may assign additional prerequisite coursework to complete prior to matriculation or as part of the graduate program if applicable. 

*Note for MACC Track B: Business analytics classes are 2-8 weeks long and are held on campus during the day on multiple days per week. 

Degree Tracks

MACC Track A - Business Reporting and Analytics (30 units)
Required: Select three out of the five (***) required courses (9 units) | Electives: 21 units 

MACC Track B - Business Analytics in Accounting (30 units)
Required: Seven courses in business and accounting analytics (18 units) | Electives: 12 units

Additional requirements are needed to be admitted into MACC Track B. Applicants must have taken ACCT 303 (Accounting Information Systems) and ECON 216 (Statistics for Business and Economics) or the equivalent with a grade of B or better, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and participate in an interview with a master's in business analytics admissions counselor.

Note: In the Fall, MSBA 500 and MSBA 501 classes are held in August. 

MTAX (30 units)
Required: 18 units | Electives: 12 units

Pre-Program (for International Students)

The International Student Introductory Program is held in early to mid-August before fall semester classes begin. 


  MACC Track A MACC Track B MTAX
MACC 533 Accounting Analytics     ***   Required  
MACC 540 Controllership and Cost Management     ***    
MACC 561 Partnership Taxation      Required
MACC 562 Estate and Gift Taxation and Planning      Required
MACC 598 Professional Accountancy Internship      
MSBA 500 Introduction to Data Analytics & Business Concepts      N/A   Required      N/A
MSBA 501 Applied Statistics      N/A   Required      N/A
MSBA 502 Analytics Programming I      N/A   Required      N/A
MSBA 503 Analytics Programming II      N/A   Required      N/A
MACC 520 Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning      
MSBA 510 International Consulting Project      N/A    Required      N/A
MACC 525 Financial Statement Analysis for Accountants     ***   Required  
MACC 535 Not-for-Profit Accounting     ***    
MACC 560 Tax Research      Required
MACC 564 Advanced Corporate Taxation      Required
MACC 598 Professional Accountancy Internship      
MACC 501 Ethics for Accounting Professionals      
MACC 531 Applied Research for Financial Accountants and Auditors     ***    
MACC 563 State and Local Taxation      Required
MACC 565 Taxation, Policies and Procedures      Required
MACC 580 International Accounting Standards in a Business Environment (Class offered if MACC 580/581 is not traveling abroad)      
MACC 580 International Accounting Standards                      (Study abroad class taken concurrently with MACC 581)      
MACC 581 European Accounting Business Environment          (Study abroad class taken concurrently with MACC 580)      
MACC 598 Professional Accountancy Internship