Craig Barkacs

Craig Barkacs
Phone: (619) 260-2387
Office: Olin Hall 318

Professor of Business Law

  • MBA, University of San Diego
  • JD, University of San Diego
  • BA, Kenyon College, Philosophy

Craig Barkacs began his long and close association with the University of San Diego when he arrived as a law student in August 1978. Upon attaining his JD/MBA, Barkacs embarked on an exciting and illustrious career spanning the legal profession, the business world and academia. As an attorney who often represented the underdog in high-profile civil and business litigation cases, he consistently achieved outstanding results -- alongside his law partner and wife, Linda -- litigating opposite some of the largest and most powerful law firms in the country.

As an educator, Barkacs has designed and taught numerous courses on negotiation, corporate social responsibility, ethics, law and international business, and has published extensively in those disciplines. He is very active teaching in USD’s study abroad programs and in numerous graduate programs at the USD School of Business. In addition, he is often sought out by the media to provide commentary on business, legal, ethical and political issues. As a way of connecting with the broader business community and keeping his skills honed, Barkacs and his wife are principals in The Barkacs Group, a business consulting firm that provides negotiation and ethics training for the private sector.

Selected Publications

  • Barkacs, C., Barkacs, L. (2019) Measles and the Outbreak of Confirmation Bias, ALM Media Properties LLC.
  • Barkacs, L., Barkacs, C. (2018) Preparing for Negotiation: A Novel Concept?, San Diego County Bar Association.
  • Barkacs, L., Barkacs, C. (2016) Budget Time: A Gender-Based Negotiation Simulation, Journal of Management Education.
  • Barkacs, L., Barkacs, C. (2014) Fair Trade in a Wal-Mart World: What Does Globalization Portend for the Triple Bottom End?, Chicago-Kent Journal of International and Comparative Law , 14(2), 1-22.
  • Barkacs, L., Tehrani, S., Barkacs, C. (2013) Divorcing the Defense of Marriage Act: Judicial Tensions in Upholding the Legislated Preclusion of Federal Same-Sex Marital Rights, American University Washington College of Law - Labor & Employment Law Forum, 3(1), 88-119.
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