Robin McCoy

Robin McCoy
Phone: (619) 260-7774
Office: Alcala Park West - Coronado 215

Clinical Professor of Management

  • PhD, University of San Diego, Organizational Leadership
  • MBA, University of San Diego, Marketing and Business Strategy
  • BS, San Diego State University, Finance

Robin McCoy has spent more than 20 years using her leadership skills to advance organizations through periods of anticipating organizational growth and expansion while in transition. McCoy's expertise includes leadership development, strategic planning for organizations and marketing.

McCoy’s current research involves leadership development and assessment of leadership programs. She understands that the pace of change facing organizations requires multiple approaches to leadership development and requires more adaptive, flexible leadership. These approaches include the traditional components of leadership development: formal education, mentoring, on the job experience and executive seminar training programs. Some non-traditional approaches that McCoy is researching include behavioral simulations and the art of influencing others through role-playing exercises.

McCoy has been active in many San Diego business associations including: The International Leadership Association, The United Way and The American Marketing Association. Previously she was president of Murphy Marketing, a management and marketing research company providing a wide range of business development, marketing research and management consulting services. Throughout years of experience, McCoy has performed projects for clients in retail, manufacturing, health, educational and governmental industries.

McCoy is committed to her ongoing development and believes that leadership requires continual progress toward growth and self-awareness. She understands the pressures of balancing home life with a career and has successfully mentored and taught thousands of students over her life as a professor teaching business strategy and marketing.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development, Organizational Leadership and Development, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Innovation and Organizational Learning, Management

Selected Publications

  • McCoy, R., Sulpizio, L. (2010) TransitionalLeadership, Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations , II, pp. 377-386.
  • McCoy, R., Wolfe, J. (2011) Those who do and those that don't: A study of engaged and disengaged business game players, Developments in Business Simulaton and Experiential Learning, 38, 383-389.
  • McCoy, R., Wolfe, J. (2008) Should business game players choose their teammates: A study with pedagogical implications, Developments in Business Simulaton and Experiential Learning, 35, 315-328.