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Frank Kim
Lecturer in Economics

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    Lecturer in Economics

    Frank Kim has been part of the University of San Diego School of Business Administration since 2007. 

    Primarily focused on teaching undergraduates in the field of Economics, his areas of interest include Microeconomics, International Trade, Applied Econometrics, Real Estate and Finance.

    He is currently a member of several board of trustees in the San Diego region and has launched successful business ventures in the past 10 years., including several with a previous students from the University of San Diego.  

    Frank currently consults for several corporations and also works with local education based organizations to increase outside funding during the California budget crisis.

    Current Research Interests:

    1. Environmentally Based Alternatives to Increased Production while Reducing CO2 Emissions – Utilizing current “green” technologies and methodologies to maintain or increase company output while maintaining or lowering energy usage in advanced societies and integration options in academic institutions.

    2. Making the Federal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Initiative a reality – Finding solutions to the Presidential order to reduce GHG emissions by 28% reduction government wide by the year 2020.

    3. The Bubble Generation - How does Generation Y reconcile their personal sense of economic value with the prospect of ever declining incomes and living standards? Does there exist a cultural or economic influence that differentiates individuals growing out of poverty into a higher standard of living compared to their peers in their marginal propensity to consume?

    4. Wireless technology as an indicator of economic growth in devoping countries - Can certain advanced technologies be utilized as instrument variables in the econometric framework to project the long term growth rate in developing countries and regions.

    20:30 PST

    [ABSTRACT] The Wireless Harvesting Industry’s Affect On Global Growth Projections In An Inflationary Commodity Driven Environment.

    This research seeks to address the potential effects of current global loose monetary policies by central banks worldwide and the resulting inflationary pressure to commodities; specifically the price of energy in an increasingly dilutive currency scenario. As many areas of the world are projected to emerge from their current low growth GDP data of the past decade, we examine how increasing costs of production, generally in the form of input costs, may be biased too high as we enter the high growth scenario. The assumptions of current growth projections are not adequately modeling the implications of disruptive technologies and innovations in the wireless harvesting industry to offset the increase in costs of production.