Get Involved

There are many ways that you can get involved in furthering the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate's mission. We treasure our industry connections, Policy Advisory Committee Board members, alumni and friends within the industry who help make our real estate programs what they are today. We welcome your personal participation and support in advancing real estate education and career preparation. It all boils down to people, individually and collectively, who are dedicated to enhancing the value of the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate.

Some of the many opportunities for you to get involved in helping us create another 20 years of satisfaction and success are shown below. Lists are limiting, however, so please do not feel constrained in suggesting additional ways to participate.

  • Become a mentor of a current student.
  • Offer internships that challenge and inspire.
  • Participate in the Center’s annual Career Expo to meet graduating students, define your recruiting needs and schedule interviews for the future.
  • Hire a current real estate student.
  • Invite a faculty member or a student to join you at a professional meeting and introduce them to your colleagues and to the issues you face in business every day.
  • Guest-lecture to an undergraduate class or in one of the Master of Science in Real Estate degree courses.
  • Recommend USD’s Master of Science in Real Estate degree to your high-potential colleagues.
  • Participate in a real estate-oriented student organization, such as the Center's undergraduate organization, the Real Estate Society.
  • Invite a real estate student to "shadow" and spend a half day with you.
  • Contact us with research suggestions and research studies that advance real estate practices and markets. Our faculty provide keen insights and objective results.
  • Attend the Center's many timely and relevant conferences each year.
  • Attend or encourage colleagues and friends to earn a certificate in Real Estate Finance, Investments and Development through the Center's continuing education program.
  • Attend an ARGUS software training to sharpen your skills in a setting of serious graduate students and industry competitors.
  • Provide scholarship funding to recruit, recognize and reward outstanding students.
  • Financial support through program sponsorships, gifts and pledges sustains our education program and puts you in the Center's extraordinary family of stakeholders, a great place to be.