The Annual Spring Symposium

8th Annual Spring Symposium: Innovate or Die - Lessons from Industry Leaders

Customers are increasingly dictating how companies structure their supply chains. From sourcing strategies to satisfying the demands of the ultimate customer, the rules driving supply chain transformation are dynamic. Competing on price today is secondary to competing on customer experience, which for industry leaders is the driving force for supply chain innovation.

The most important lesson learned from companies that have realized business setbacks is the danger of becoming too complacent with the status quo. Simply put, past performance is not a measure of future success. The people, processes, technologies, and other factors that enabled a company to be successful in the past, will most likely need to be altered for future success. This is the essence of supply chain innovation.

It is important, however, to strike the right balance between delivering an enhanced customer experience and doing it profitably. True supply chain innovation must result in quantifiable and sustainable results in terms of cost savings, revenue improvement, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Why Attend?

The Supply Chain Management Institute Spring Symposium serves as an annual platform to exchange ideas and collaborate with industry peers on new and future supply chain trends and best practices. The symposium is also a great venue to exchange ideas with supply chain educators, as well as students - the supply chain leaders of tomorrow. This year's symposium on innovation is especially timely, given the wave of new technologies and applications that are driving transformational changes in the ways companies do business and meet their customers' increasing demands.

Some of the questions that will be answered at this year's symposium include:

  • What is supply chain innovation and how is it different from product innovation?
  • What factors are driving supply chain innovation to increased levels today?
  • Why is improving customer experience becoming a bigger priority today?
  • What are the biggest barriers to supply chain innovation?
  • Which technologies will drive the next wave of supply chain innovation? 

Mark Your Calendars!

May 6, 2019: Networking Reception
5pm - 7pm

May 7, 2019: Symposium
8am - 6pm

Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice

Registration Opens Soon - Stay Tuned!