​SCMI Advisory Board Membership Options

​Become a Supply Chain Management Institute member.

From student-led research projects to recognition of your organization, there are so many benefits of becoming a member of USD's Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI). You can tailor your SCMI experience by choosing one of four different membership levels.

SCMI membership options

SCMI Advisory Board Membership Options
  Basic1 Supporting Associate Project Sponsor
Benefit <$5,000 $5,000-$7,500 $12,500-$15,000 $20,000-30,000
Seats at Spring Symposium and Fall Forum2 1 2 5 5

Recognition of organization as a SCMI Advisory Board member

* * * *
Participation on SCMI Advisory Board * * * *
Discounted rates for additional Spring Symposium registrations   * * *
Discounted rate for additional Fall Forum registrations   * * *
Voting rights as SCMI Advisory Board member   * * *
First-look privileges on research   * * *

Exclusive web access to white papers, technical reports, newsletters (archived) and other member‐only publications

  * * *

Preferential access to USD students for recruiting (e.g., exclusive meeting with students at the annual Career Fair)

  * *
Special executive-level meetings (e.g., organized to share best practices, round table discussions, networking, etc.)     * *
Student‐led, faculty‐supported research project3       *

Discount on all SCMI offerings (e.g., discounts for APICS CSCP training course, professional development workshops, etc.)

0 percent 10 percent 25 percent 25 percent

1 Basic members actively participate as a board member and provide some form of "service in kind" (e.g. enrolling students in the MSSCM program, actively recruiting and hiring USD SCM students, committee participation and other services to be determined). Event sponsorship also qualifies. This level of membership is limited to five firms and must be approved by voting board members on an annual basis.

2 Can be used by company representative or given to business associates

Semester‐long "consulting" project conducted by USD students (could be any combination of undergrad or grad, business or engineering), and supervised by USD faculty. MSSCM students typically do not participate but could if needed to fulfill their Advanced Integrative Project course requirements.

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