V2 Pitch Competition

​Kickstart your start-up.

You could be one event away from finding inspiration for your venture—or meeting the very people who will help fund it. So we invite you to register for our leadership conferences and campus-wide venture challenges. While space is limited, there's no cap on the learning or networking you'll get to experience.

Meet Last Year's V2 Winners

You've got the idea. Now you just need a shot at making it happen. Through our annual Venture Vetting (V2) Challenge, you'll present your venture to real angel investors for a chance at winning up to $20,000 to start your business.

Here's how to enter:

  • Craft a 10-slide, 7-minute PowerPoint or Prezi file (Pitch Deck) describing your venture and funding goal.
  • Send your Pitch Deck to usdv2competition@gmail.com by the deadline TBA
  • Finalist announced TBA
  • V2 Pith Competition 2019: April 23th

Send Pitch Deck