​Get Involved with our Entrepreneurship Activities

Help launch the next entrepreneurial wave.

Imagine discovering and investing in the next big idea—pitched by USD students. Exchanging inspiration, advice and strategy with other entrepreneurs—every Tuesday at La Gran Terraza. Or speaking in front of an ambitious crowd of students—and watching their ideas take flight. All this is possible and more by lending your expertise to our entrepreneurship initiative.

Get involved.

There are so many ways you can help creativity and innovation brew among our students and community.

Begin quote In a recent study, 42 percent of all seniors on campus showed interest in an entrepreneurship major and 62 percent were interested in a minor.
Professionals mentoring Mentor Share your tips for success, give practical advice and even offer job shadowing to eager USD students.
panel of judges Judge Give crucial feedback—as an angel investor—to budding entrepreneurs in our V2 and Social Innovation Challenge events.
Students presenting Speak Impart your knowledge on starting a thriving business to an eager audience of undergraduate and graduate USD students.