​Our Entrepreneurial Endeavors

​Empowering doers and dreamers.


At the University of San Diego entrepreneurship is far from a buzzword—it's a way of life. Nearly 77 percent of sophomores, juniors and seniors have thought about starting their own business. And as demand rises for innovative and creative business solutions, there's no better place to start changing the world than here at USD.

That is why we launched the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Catalyzer. The Catalyzer builds entrepreneurs as they build their innovations. Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs with the values, knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that enable them to create world-changing innovations that address humanity’s most urgent challenges and opportunities. We breed entrepreneurs of every kind — those who start new ventures, corporate entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs who focus on impact, those who create institutional change and edu-preneurs who are changing the face of education.

The Catalyzer’s distinct advantage lies in our ability to synergize USD’s liberal arts education with the competencies of our professional schools to build exemplary and curious innovators with a holistic approach to entrepreneurship. We bring in the research expertise of our faculty and combine them with real-world insights from expert mentors in San Diego’s innovation ecosystem to provide our students with an unparalleled immersive experience and develop them into successful entrepreneurs.


Begin quote Nearly 77 percent of USD sophomores, juniors and seniors have thought about starting their own business.
students studying Top three MBA program for entrepreneurship. In 2015, the "Knauss School of Business" ranked third in the world for MBA programs in entrepreneurship by Financial Times. This ranking is based on how many graduates started a business, whether the business was the alum's main source of income, how the school supported the new business, among other factors.
students in the classroom Research powerhouse. Forbes ranked the University of San Diego 48th in America's most entrepreneurial research universities. See more "Knauss School of Business" rankings.