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Building entrepreneurs.

San Diego breeds innovation. Here, booming startups and social enterprises flourish, using creativity and entrepreneurship to build a new world economy—one that not only creates jobs and builds wealth, but also solves global problems and improves lives. Here at USD, we help make this magic happen.

Abuzz with bold ideas and the resources to pull them off, our community is the hub for entrepreneurial activity in San Diego and beyond. We challenge students to create the next big thing and go to market at our V2 Pitch Competition. We coach passionate innovators at our Legacy Entrepreneurship Conference. The sky is the limit on creative ideas and we encourage students to explore their entrepreneurship potential to make a positive impact on the world at our Fowler Business Concept Challenge. 

Through these initiatives and so many more, we bring together a whole world of established entrepreneurs, thought leaders, upstart innovators, brilliant venture capitalists and bright-eyed students. Then we stand back and watch the sparks fly.

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Women changing the world.

Our Women Innovators Initiative helps women take the lead as social innovators—so they can transform lives, communities and the world.