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​Encouraging globally-minded faculty.

We encourage our faculty to be leaders in the international business space—so they can continually equip you with the most relevant curriculum and thought leadership. That's why the Ahlers Center supports faculty through their research activities, teaching abroad, internationalizing of curriculum, enhancing language learning and various other international opportunities.

For a complete listing of the ways in which the Ahlers Center supports our full-time faculty and the guidelines to apply, see our Research Support from the Ahlers Center for International Business document.

Professor Lecturing

International Business Research Award.

Just as students are encouraged to be globally-minded, so are our faculty. The Ahlers Center offers this award to inspire and foster faculty research activities that advance knowledge in international business. Learn more about the International Business Research Award.

Faculty development highlights.

Here's just a sample of the many other ways we help develop our faculty's international expertise.

  • 2016 provided opportunities for 19 graduate business courses abroad organized by the Ahlers Center for International Business. Additionally, there were 10 undergraduate business courses offered through USD's International Center with support from the Ahlers Center for company visits, connections to alumni and relevant guest speakers. These are great opportunities for our faculty to expand their international expertise as well as exciting learning opportunities for our students.
  • 2016 Faculty Development Program to Dubai and Kuwait to learn more about the region while connecting with alumni and university partners.
  • 2015 Faculty Development Program to Baja California to visit companies, learn about the expanding wine industry in the region and connect with local faculty and alumni.
  • 2014 Faculty Development Program to Seoul and Tokyo. The trip provided an opportunity to meet with business executives, visit companies and interact with academic colleagues in both Tokyo and Seoul.
  • Previous faculty development trips have been to countries such as the Philippines, India, Singapore, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

Full-time faculty. All-the-time insight.

Here's a breakdown of our faculty's expertise and research interests.

Faculty's Expertise Research Interests
Craig Barkacs, professor of business law International negotiations and ethics
Linda Barkacs, assistant professor of business law Comparative law
Tara Ceranic Salinas, assistant professor of social and legal research International business ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility
Stephen Conroy, professor of economics Microfinancing and wealth creation
Simon Croom, professor of supply chain management Global supply chains
Tom Dalton, professor of accountancy and taxation U.S. tax payment requirements
Shreesh Deshpande, professor of finance Eurobonds and currency exchange warrants
Denise Dimon, professor of economics Latin America and international economics
Kokila Doshi, professor of economics Asia and international development
Seth Ellis, associate professor of marketing Consumer behavior
Alan Gin, associate professor of economics China and international economics
Judith Hora, associate professor of accountancy International accounting in capital markets
Johanna Hunsaker, professor of management Cross-cultural management and women in leadership
Phil Hunsaker, professor of management International organizational behavior and cross-cultural management
Robert Johnson, professor of economics International stock markets and exchange rates
Timothy Kelley, professor of accountancy Public accounting work environments
Maria Kniazeva, professor of marketing International marketing and cross-cultural consumption
Alyson Ma, professor of economics China and international trade
Patricia Marquez, associate professor of management Corporate social responsibility and poverty alleviation
Andrew Narwold, professor of economics International education
Cynthia Pavett, professor of management Cross-cultural management
Manzur Rahman, professor of finance International financial markets and corporate governance
Ryan Ratcliff, associate professor of economics Exchange rate forecasting and international financial markets
Daniel Rivetti, associate professor of finance Determinants of international liquidity
Miriam Rothman, professor of management Education and international HR management
Tygarajan Somasundaram, associate professor of marketing International marketing
Steven Sumner, associate professor of economics Banking and monetary transmission in Canada
Charles Teplitz, professor of decision sciences International project management
Charles Tu, Mulvihill Professor of Commercial Real Estate Global real estate journal quality and sustainable real estate in China
Carsten Zimmermann, associate professor of management International mergers and acquisitions and international sourcing
Dennis Zocco, professor of finance International investments and international negotiations

International visiting faculty.

We're honored to host international faculty members from time to time, including this selected list of past professors.

Ariel Casarin, associate professor of economics, IAE Business School (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Josep Franch, dean, ESADE (Barcelona, Spain)

Michael Frenkel, professor of economics and strategy, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management (Valender, Germany)

Paolo Guerrieri, national senator of Italy and professor of economics, University of Rome 'La Sapienza' (Rome, Italy)

Ricardo Leal, professor of finance, COPPEAD/UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Mannsoo Shin, professor of international business, Korean University Business School

Full-time faculty stats.

  • More than 50 percent have taught a course abroad organized by the Ahlers Center for International Business
  • More than 60 percent have taught abroad for USD or another university
  • Thirty-eight percent speak a language other than English
  • Seventy-five percent of our full-time faculty have either worked or studied in a country other than the United States:
Europe and the Middle East
The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Croatia, England, Italy, Russia, Estonia, Belgium, Macedonia, Austria, Armenia, Hungary, Israel
Asia and the Pacific
New Zealand, Australia, India, Saipan, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan
Latin America and the Caribbean
Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Japica, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Uruguay