Professional Series on International Trade and Business Development

Receive a certificate in international trade and business development.

The Professional Series on International Trade and Business Development consists of five seminars, with one seminar per week for five consecutive weeks. This program is intended for undergraduate business students at the University of San Diego. For those who are interested in the series but not enrolled in our university, please contact us for availability.

The series will typically include the following seminars:

Import Operations and Documentation

This seminar provides an overview of the procedures, terminology, documentation, and regulations for the import of goods to/from the United States. Participants are introduced to international trade concepts such as merchandise valuation, origin, non-tariff barriers, harmonized tariff schedule and import regulations and compliance.

The Seven Deadly Supply Chain Wastes

Most resources used in a global supply chain add value - some do not. The resources consumed (such as people, time or equipment) that do not add value add cost and should be eliminated. This is the essence of the Toyota Production System, or Lean. This interactive seminar introduces principles that can be easily understood and applied in the workplace.

Cross-Border Business and Market Entry Strategies

This seminar provides an overview of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and what changes are being made through the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Participants have the opportunity to learn about cross-border market entry considerations such as product selection, market entry mode and product adaption to remain globally competitive.

Purchasing, Negotiations and Payment

Participants have the opportunity to discuss the various international methods of payments, the levels of risk mitigation they provide and how they impact cash flow. Participants also learn about supplier selection, evaluation and sourcing.

International Sales and Business Development

This seminar provides participants with the business development strategies and skills needed to work with international clients. Participants also learn how to communicate value creation, evaluate international sales channels, and identify international sales partners.