Consulting Projects for Companies

Consulting Projects for Companies

As an international company, you can gain valuable business insights and save money by partnering with USD School of Business students. All of our students possess world-class leadership skills and a strong foundation in business. And no matter where your organization is located, our students are willing to work with you locally, nationally or internationally.

Two ways we can work together.

Offer an internship.

If your company has international activities, we can connect you with competent USD business school students eager to put their education and experience to assisting your organization expand or improve your global competitiveness.

Accept a consulting project.

What significant business challenge can we help you solve? With the guidance of our leading business faculty, we can help you address your challenge by assigning you a team of talented business students.

If your organization can benefit from the support of students in our nationally-ranked international business programs, contact:

Erin Garber
Assistant Director of Professional Programs
Ahlers Center for International Business
Tel: (619) 260-4896