​International Business Fellowship Program

Enter the global marketplace poised and prepared.

When you hear the words "international business," it's not just the traveling part that excites you. You're passionate about learning—and collaborating—with teams around the world. Solving business challenges locally and abroad. And continually expanding your global competencies. The Ahlers Fellowship Program honors students just like you—and prepares you to leave your mark on the world.

As a Fellow, you'll participate in events like internships abroad, working for a global company here in San Diego and competing in business case competitions. You'll earn practical knowledge, skills and abilities from these experiences that you can apply to your career—and look great on your resume. Plus, as a Fellow, you'll receive a $2,500 scholarship once you complete the program.

Apply Now

International business majors and minors: here's your invitation to apply to the Ahlers Fellowship Program.

The best time to apply is during your sophomore or junior year. That way, you'll have at least 45 - 60 units of coursework remaining at USD by the time you're award a fellowship. (We also require a GPA of 3.0 or above.)

Act fast—the application deadline is February 28th and only three Fellows maximum are selected per academic year.

Skill-building activities.

While the program requires Fellows to participate in three or more Ahlers Center activities, the choice is all yours on which ones you'd like to pursue. Here's a sample of the experiences we offer that will help build your international business skills.

  • International business case competition (CUIBE or others)
  • Short-term study abroad or exchange program
  • Internship abroad
  • Working for a local, global company
  • Participating in an international consulting project abroad
  • International research
  • ABC's of International Trade Certificate Program
  • A leadership position with the IB Club or other internationally focused student organization
  • International Service Learning Activity