​Global Business Learning

​Learn without borders.

The Ahlers Center for International Business offers global learning opportunities to both students at the Knauss School of Business and local San Diego businesses. Students are encouraged to adopt a global mindset by participating in consulting projects and attending workshops from international business practitioners — experiences that will teach you invaluable skills and prepare you to jump into an international business career.

Through custom-designed programs, the Ahlers Center also bolsters prosperity and global commerce in the San Diego region. Our custom programs for local businesses will propel your knowledge of international business and help you expand your sales, operations and customer base to new markets.

In thanks to a generous endowment, we are especially to proud provide all of our programs for free ensuring equal access to all of our students and to San Diego businesses who are ready to go global. 

For Businesses

Global Readiness Program

Apply for this fellowship to take your business global. The Global Readiness Program offers specialized workshops and one-on-one consulting services to help your company start exporting goods and services to international markets.

Global Market Navigator Program

Is your business ready to level up its exports? The Global Market Navigator Program gives San Diego-based businesses the tools needed to diversify into new international markets.

Move Forward

Local businesses and civic organizations can participate in the Move Forward program, at no cost, to leverage the expertise of our business professors to solve your pressing business challenges.

For Students

Ahlers Fellowship Program

Apply to this prestigious program that prepares international business majors and minors for the global marketplace through practical experience and education.

Professional Series on International Trade and Business Development

Expand your undergraduate studies and knowledge of international trade through five hands-on seminars on topics such as cross-border business and import regulations.