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The Ahlers Center for International Business is your gateway to thrilling global business education opportunities. Our international business and trade training programs connect students, faculty and the local San Diego business community with experts and opportunities to expand your business and skillset — and your global mindset.

Graduate students can participate in our international consulting practicum program, where you can advise companies like Mazda City or L'Oreal at their global offices. Or study as an exchange student at one of our partner schools—like the Instituto de Empresa in Spain—and earn course credit as you live to the tempo of Madrid's uptown financial district.

Undergraduate and graduate students alike have the opportunity to consult for San Diego regional businesses on global expansion plans, cross-border projects and inclusive regional economic development activities.

For the San Diego regional business community, the Ahlers Center facilitates global business training programs and applied custom consulting projects led by our faculty that enhance the global competitiveness of your company. Our programs and projects delve into international market research, trade advisory, supply chain management, economic analysis and business analytics.

Report: The CaliBaja Regional Economy

The CaliBaja Regional Economy: Production, Employment, Trade and Investment

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Global learning in San Diego. Global learning in San Diego. With programs like our International Business Speaker Series, Professional Series on International Trade and Business Development and language training, we will whisk you away to dozens of international learning experiences—without ever leaving campus.
Global learning around the world. Global learning around the world. From Hong Kong to Argentina, you can take your pick from dozens of study abroad programs, internships, international consulting opportunities, dual degrees and semester exchange programs.
Learning abroad is for undergraduates, too. Learning abroad is for undergraduates, too. Who said you had to stay stateside? As an undergraduate student, you can also take part in exchange programs and short-term travel abroad. Through USD's International Center, you can study at USD’s campus in Spain or learn in dozens of other programs around the world.
Keep our programs thriving. Keep our programs thriving. By donating to the Ahlers Center, you can help us continue to provide life-changing experiences and education to Knauss School of Business students, alumni and executives.