Solidarity Committee

The SBA Solidarity Committee has developed a three-pronged approach to fostering an environment of community and unity by working together with SBA faculty, staff, and administrators to make USD a great place to work.

Our focus is on service, social, and professional topics. These are essential building blocks for increasing organizational effectiveness and employee satisfaction and commitment. Learn more about our areas of focus:

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Committee Structure

  • The committee is composed of faculty, staff and administrators, with all areas represented.
  • The committee has an Advisory Board to assist in strategic planning to ensure effectiveness of progress toward the goals of the Deans and the committee. The advisory board meets once per semester.
  • The committee is composed of sub-committees (as mentioned above) to focus efforts and make effective use of members’ time.
  • The committee holds two open meetings per year. All SBA Employees are invited and encouraged to share ideas, questions, concerns, and  positive feedback.
  • Ongoing feedback online: The committee manages a "Comment Box" online. Employees are welcome to share comments, questions, concerns and proposed solutions at any time, either anonymously or not. Comments are shared with the Deans and addressed accordingly.