Meet Our PEER Mentors!

Here at the Black Student Resource Commons (BSRC), we recruit a team of mentors who are Black students currently attending the University of San Diego (USD). Our team of mentors have been trained on the importance of value of mentorship and go through bi-weekly advisement through our professional team. They are all leaders on and off campus in some shape or form and are ready to guide you to success throughout your journey here at USD! View all of the mentors available below and view their introduction videos by clicking the button or their profile pictures below!

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After you finish viewing all the videos and mentor bios please make your way to our sign up form to be entered into our program! After signing up you will be contacted to make a preference selection based on the active mentors you see on our page!

Featured Mentor: Blake!

Blake profile photo


Blake is available for instant matching for anybody who is applying for the PEER program after the deadline! 

Blake Beasley is a junior Communications major. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Theta Chapter and also a member of its executive board. He finished an internship at Frisoni PR this summer and was a recipient of the USD Summer Internship Award Program. Blake loves watching basketball and football in his free time. He also enjoys listening to rap music and going to the beach with his friends. 

2020 PEER Mentor Team

Kadee Sylla

Klea Washington

Kadee is a first year grad student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She is involved in Captain of the Women's Rowing team, USD's Student Athlete Representative, Founder of the Black Student Athlete Forum, President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Intern at WellU Mental Training. Kadee also enjoys cooking, going to the beach and trying new places to eat

Klea is a senior majoring in music with minors in chemistry and biology. She is involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and am currently holding a co-president chair as well as leading an ethnicity/racial justice small group through the org. Klea is also a part of the USD wind ensemble and drumline. She really enjoys listening to music as well as enjoying it live and discovering new artists. Klea likes being outddors and being active. Boxing, soccer, and hiking are her go-to's. 

Payton Williams

Heran Getnet

Payton's Profile Picture

Payton is currently a senior at the University of San Diego. She is studying Marketing and Communications. Along with the PEER mentorship program Payton is also involved with Gamma Phi Beta as s senior standards representative. Payton's happy place is when she's outside hiking, doing yoga, or running.

Heran's profile picture

Heran is a second year student studying psychology and sociology. She is from Seattle, Washington. She is also a part of the Black Student Union at USD and the Publicity Manager for African Student Union. She serves as the Vice President of Community Service for NSCS. Some of her hobbies include painting, photography, reading and running.

Gaby Polanco (Community Building Coordinator)

Salina Tekele

Gaby is a junior, majoring in ethnic studies and psychology.  She serves as the Internal Events Coordinator for the Black Students Union, a Student Coordinator for the BSRC and also is a member of SSS. A few hobbies of Gaby's include being a follower of youtube dance tutorials and being a 3-star chef at making eggs. She also loves to sing and listen to music. 

Salina is a junior majoring in Computer Science and double minoring in German & IT Management. She involved in the Black Student Union (BSU), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Alpha Chi Omega, and is this year’s Student Outreach and Recruitment President (SOAR). Salina loves going to the beach, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and is always down for spontaneous trips!

Kysani London

Kaia Morrison

Kysani is senior with a major in International Relations and a minor in French. She has been involved with the Black Student Union, African Student Union, Student Support Services, and the International Student Organization. She also works with Athletic Operations and Communications. Kysani has recently started an organization, CPS Alumni for Abolition, with fellow activists in her hometown of Chicago with the goal of uplifting marginalized student voices within the public school system. She really enjoys being in nature, hiking, going to the beach, having bonfires and picnics, and rollerblading on boardwalks. Kysani also loves writing, reading, trying to learn different languages, and watching horror films.

Kaia is a Computer Science major with a double minor in Chinese and Music from Chicago,IL. She currently serves as the Black Student Union's Vice President and Programs Chair and Community Outreach Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers. She also a part of Student Support Services (SSS), Women of Color in STEM, Students of Color in STEM (SOCSTEM), and the Chinese Cultural Language Association (CCLA). Aside from school matters, Kaia likes to play and listen to music, write poetry, draw, play sports, and go on any kinds of adventures.

Blake Beasley (Community Building Coordinator)

Marissa Dzotsi

Blake Beasley is a junior Communications major. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Theta Chapter and also a member of its executive board. He finished an internship at Frisoni PR this summer and was a recipient of the USD Summer Internship Award Program. Blake loves watching basketball and football in his free time. He also enjoys listening to rap music and going to the beach with his friends. 

Marissa is a 3rd year majoring in Biology and double minoring in Theater and Non-profit Social Enterprise/ Philanthropy. She serves as the Internal Outreach Chair for the Black Student Union. She is also a captain of the Women's Rowing Team. Additionally, Marissa is involved with the Peer Body Project, Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the Black Student Athlete Forum. Marissa is extremely motivated by her desire to provide all women, especially those from low income areas, access to equal and affordable healthcare. She hopes to attend medical school upon graduation and become an Ob/gyn. She is passionate about giving back to the community and lives by the belief that there is so much power in her blackness and womanhood, and is determined to use that power to reconstruct the systems of society that deem any human unworthy. 

Courtney Cureton

David 'D' Brose

Courtney is a rising senior and is majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Courtney is also a member of the Women’s Rowing team. She is most passionate about delving into the topics of intersectional feminism and equality while working with various clubs to promote equality and cultural understanding. Courtney continues her social justice work on social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr with plans to expand her platform by creating a blog. After getting her undergraduate degree, Courtney plans on attending gradute school to study Sports Journalism, with the goals to represent minorities in an industry dominated by white males, to continue to develop her journalism skills, and expand her network.

David, but goes by D, is a third-year History and Sociology major. He has been involved in many organizations at USD such as Black Student Union (BSU), PRIDE, Rainbow Educators, and have worked for Centers at the University such as The Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, The Black Student Resource Commons, the Mulvaney Center, and the Office of Residential Education. He is in his second year as a Residential Assistant and enjoy creating community in his role. When D is not participating in academia he loves to read and write as as watch movies. This love led to him being a co-host and editor for a movie-related podcast that he hosst with his partner.

Ada Enenwali

Marshall Hawkins

Ada is a senior here at USD majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Film Studies. She mainly is involved in Associated Student Government (ASG) and as a Coordinator for the Torero Program Board. She also spends time in NSBE, ASU, BSU, and SOC/STEMM. When Ada is not doing schoolwork, she loves to listen to music and create playlists for songs that would be soundtracks to films. Ada also enjoys writing, watching movies, photography, playing piano, graphic design, and especially traveling!
Marshall Hawkins is a sophomore that is currently attending the University of San Diego. He is from Minneapolis MN. Currently, Marshall is undecided but is interested in the areas of International Business, Finance, and Spanish. When Marshall is not focusing on school work he is interested in watching sports, taping into his fitness lifestyle, and attending protests and advocacy meetings.