P.E.E.R. Mentorship Program

The Promoting Excellence Education and Retention (P.E.E.R.) Mentorship program is a one-semester program designed to guide first-year Black students during their transition into the University of San Diego (USD) community. In this program, incoming first-year students will be paired with black students who have been a part of the USD community for at least one year. This program is crucial to the development of and retention of Black students as this will introduce them to resources and modes of support that may not have been easily known or accessible at the time of matriculation into the university. Through the mentorship program, first-year students should be able to have access to a supportive space with their mentor and to address any concerns regarding their transition and relationship to the university at large. This program will also encourage and promote community building among black students at the university.

COVID-19 Modifications

Traditionally, the P.E.E.R. program would be held in-person to help enhance the community-building component of the program. Due to the current global COVID-19 emergency and county restrictions, the mentorship program for the fall 2020 semester will be conducted virtually. Community building and support have never been more crucial especially during these turbulent times. There is a lot happening in the world right now that is directly affecting Black people and having the virtual mentorship program can be used as a space for healing and escape for our Black students. With more incoming responsibilities revolving around academics and potential outlying personal matters, providing students the opportunity to be in community and contact with other students in supportive matters is very important especially first-year students as they transition into the university.

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