Signature Programs

Academic Prep Workshops

This workshop is dedicated to promoting academic excellence. It addresses professor's expectations, study and organizational skills which are tools that students can incorporate into their daily routine to improve their overall academic success. 

Black Graduation Ceremony

The Black Graduation Ceremony is a pre-commencement celebration honoring Black students who through determination have successfully completed an undergraduate, graduate, or law degree from the University of San Diego. The Ceremony is representative of Black culture and embraces the value of community and scholarship. Students are honored together in one setting with their families who also get the opportunity to celebrate their hard work and dedication.

Black is Beautiful Night

The BSRC hosts Black Is Beautiful Night in the fall celebrating Black Art, Music and Culture.  It is one of the most highly anticipated events on campus in honor of our personal and collective experiences. We bring in talent from the world of the spoken word, dance, music and a variety of other forms of black art expression.

Black Men's Luncheon

The Black Men's Luncheon is an opportunity for Black men on campus to develop community based on their experiences. During this luncheon, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and alumni come together to share valuable information in a safe, collaborative environment.

Black Student Welcome

This is the BSRC's first event of the school year. Held during Olé Weekend, we host a welcoming reception for incoming students. Students have the opportunity to meet faculty, administrators and returning students so they can begin to feel at home and a part of the USD community.

Community Bonding Series

The BSRC hosts several community bonding events throughout the fall and spring semesters. These events include: movie nights, paint and pizza, BBQ mixer, dance and destress, game kickoff, 3on3 B-ball tournament. Each event is designed to provide students with an off campus experience while promoting community bonding and interaction.

Discover San Diego

Discover SD is an opportunity for students to explore San Diego and learn about the city so they can connect to the San Diego community. We have lunch at one of city's several family-owned restaurants in an effort to broaden our shared interests.

Discover LA Bus Trip

The Discover LA is an annual trip that has become favorite of students. The trip is an opportunity for students to visit Los Angeles and experience the culture of the city. Although the city is famous for its impact on pop culture, there is a great rich history that students who are not native will learn. A couple examples of places we have visited in the past have been The Taste of Soul Family Festival (one of the biggest festivals in Los Angeles) and Roscoe's Famous Chicken and Waffles. 


Mentorship Program

The Promoting Excellence Education and Retention (P.E.E.R) Mentorship program is a one-semester program designed to guide first-year Black students during their transition into the University of San Diego (USD) community. In this program, incoming first-year students will be paired with black students who have been a part of the USD community for at least one year. This program is crucial to the development of and retention of Black students as this will introduce them to resources and modes of support that may not have been easily known or accessible at the time of matriculation into the university. Through the mentorship program, first-year students should be able to have access to a supportive space with their mentor and to address any concerns regarding their transition and relationship to the university at large. This program will also encourage and promote community building among black students at the university.

Student/Faculty Mixer

All students and faculty are invited to join the BSRC's Student/Faculty Mixer. This is great opportunity for students and faculty to meet and mingle to facilitate a more positive relationship. 

The Collectives

The Collective provides a safe space to talk about issues that may arise affecting Black students on campus. These meetings provide a restorative space for communication, bonding, and brotherhood/sisterhood. The BSRC holds at least three meetings during the semester for each collective in addition to a joint collective meeting. The Collective programs that exist currently are the Black Men's Collective and the Black Women's Collective. A Black Queer + Trans Collective is in the works.

Women of Color Brunch

In collaboration with the Women's Commons, and UFMC, the Women of Color Brunch is an empowering event that motivates students to be more confident in their leadership skills - academically, personally, and professionally.

Welcome Black Week

Welcome Black Week is another opportunity for incoming and continuing students to build a supportive community. It is a week long celebration of fun activities. We utilize this week to provide students with information and opportunities for engagement, leadership and community building. Some of the events that we have presented are: Taco Tuesday, Men of Color, Hella Black-Welcome Back, and Welcome to the BSRC.