The Black Student Resource Commons offers a number of services available to students. We pride ourselves on assisting students both academically and professionally. Please refer to the tabs listed under "services" for more detailed information on the specific services provided. 

Do not worry if you do not see a specific service you are seeking, as the staff will do their best to connect you to the right source for your particular need(s). If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at, or stop by the Student Life Pavilion, Room 410 to meet our wonderful staff and fellow students. 

Remember, we are here to see YOU succeed so feel free to take advantage of our services!


Five Areas of Support the Black Student Resource Provides

  • Building Community
    • Through the BSRC you can build community through our multiple events, programs and services. Our programs allow for you all to get together, engage, learn and grow together. We provide programming through a Black lens that addresses issues of race, gender, sexuality, and ability all while supporting your interests and goals.
  • Physical Study and Social Space
    • An addition to the programs and events that we host, we also have a space for your to engage and study in. Often you will find folks in the BSRC, studying, enjoying their lunch, engaging with their peers or simply taking a break. In the BSRC you have a space dedicated to you. 
  • Leadership and Mentor Opportunities
    • Leadership and mentorship are some of the keys to success. At the BSRC we provide you with leadership opportunities through our Black Student Ambassador program, where students can come together to develop their own programs and events. We also have a mentorship program called Connect. Through Connect, first year students can have a mentor help them in their transition to USD and other needs.
  • Academic, Personal, Financial Advising
    • Advising is important for your overall success. It is necessary for you to get advice from professionals who can help guide you in your college needs like, classes, peer relationships and anything else that you may encounter. In the BSRC you can receive academic, personal and financial aid advice from the BSRC Director, Dr. Ashley Barton, who has almost a decade of experience in higher education. 
  • Engagement and Involvement Opportunities
    • Staying active and engaged in college is one of the many ways you will succeed at USD. It is important that you find things that interest you and do more within those areas. Within the BSRC, we provide you with multiple ways you can foster your own growth and pursue new interests like intramural sports, research, mentorship, studying abroad and more.