About Us

Opened on December 9, 2013, the Black Student Resource Commons (BSRC) aims to foster excellence, engagement and diversity within the Black community at the University of San Diego. Created as a result of the advocacy and support of students, administrators and faculty, the BSRC is a space that seeks to support all aspects of Black students' collegiate experiences. We are a space that advocates and shines light on the Black student experience through purposeful programs and services that honor our diversity. We create programs, events, and services that are specifically focused on the needs of the Black community. Some of our services are: leadership development/opportunities, extra-curricular programming, campus engagement opportunities, and the space to explore and learn about Black culture. 

The BSRC is a home away from home for our Black students. We strive to support student's social, academic, and personal goals at the University of San Diego.



We are looking for motivated and dedicated students to assist the Commons' teams on a wide variety of projects as well as performing specific duties independently to ensure an efficient and functioning work environment. The role requires an average of 10-12 hours of work per week and pays $13.00 per hour.

All student employees share the following general responsibilities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Consciousness-raising: think critically about the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, class and other social identities and explore how our individual lenses shape our understanding of social justice. Utilize our knowledge to create social change.
  • Partnerships/collaboration: learn about the needs of various populations and what efforts/initiatives are already occurring on campus that we can support/enhance with our work.
  • Programming: ensure interactive events engage participants in dialogue around gender, sexuality and other intersecting identities.
  • Assessment: ensure programs and services are working/meeting a need. Identify what types of tools we need to measure success.
  • Advocacy: identify what is missing/not successful at USD and ways to address those needs.
  • Development, implementation and assessment of programs and events - within individual commons and The Commons
  • Attend regular staff meetings and trainings focused on both skill development and building knowledge around issues of sexuality, gender identity and expression.
  • Bi-weekly one on one check-ins with professional staff
  • Provide courteous service during operating hours (i.e., welcoming community members and visitors, answering phones, referrals as required).
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