Nizette Krebs, Class of 2015

Scholarship Recipient Nizette Krebs

My name is Nizette Krebs and I am extremely grateful to be standing here today receiving the Bridges Academy Scholarship.  I am currently a senior here at USD, working towards my major in Visual Art, with a focus in Sculpture, and a minor in Marine Science.  I know what you all are thinking, what an interesting combination…

Since I was very young, I have always asked tons of questions in an effort to understand how our world works—why things look a certain way or how they perform a certain function.  Science and art answer these questions for me.  So, when I was applying to universities, I looked for schools with strong Visual Art and Science departments.  I initially thought that I wanted to go to art school right out of high school, but my small, all-girls, private high school, the Connelly School of the Holy Child, in Potomac, Maryland, introduced me to subjects and academic interests that opened my eyes to unending pathways of information, knowledge, and discovery that I wanted to pursue further.  I realized that, if I want to follow my passion of art, I need to understand the world.  I need to have something to say.

I applied to Vassar College, Skidmore University, the University of Virginia, and other schools, like USD, with substantial Visual Art departments, but also other schools of study and classes that I could pursue if I so desired.  Boston University and USD offered me the most financial assistance and generosity out of all of the schools I applied to.  I chose USD because this generosity is not just apparent in our financial accommodation for students that need help, but also in our support for every individual student’s aspirations and goals.  USD’s small class sizes and amazing sense of community has allowed me to create a home over 2,000 miles from my permanent one in Washington, DC.  I have been able to develop invaluable relationships with professors and students here—connections that will last me a lifetime and have helped me looking forward to graduate school, job opportunities, and other life goals.

USD gave me the opportunity to explore any and all of my interests.  As a freshman, I immediately became involved in our art department’s Basement Society Club, joined our only A Cappella group on campus, Treble Threat, and became a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority.  I dabbled in intramural soccer, Outdoor Adventures, Concert Choir, and Founders Chapel Choir.  I have been a Maher Scholar and a Federal Work Study Assistant, here at the Institute for Peace and Justice, all four of my years here at USD.  USD also introduced me to University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea program, which I went on last semester and opened my eyes to how vast and amazing our world truly is.  I have found my niche within this university community, allowing me to break out of my shell and really dive into what inspires me and makes me, I hope, a unique individual.

Without USD’s generosity, and yours, I would not be able to go to college and achieve this higher education that I so crave.  My mom is a single mother and would not be able to afford my brother’s and my education if it wasn’t for your and USD’s financial aid.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity you all have given me to continue my education, grow as an individual, and pursue my passion of making art.  Although I cannot predict what the future will hold for me, I am positive it will be one filled with the continued asking and answering of questions that brought me to USD in the first place.  I hope to get my Masters Degree in Fine Art and build a career as an outdoor and indoor installation artist.  Thank you so much for your belief in me as a student, as an explorer, and as an artist.