USD 2.0 Project Timeline


Goal: To launch the new USD digital design library, Camino, and in conjunction, an upgraded Cascade CMS. The pre-launch will occur in early fall 2020.

Phase 1

Goal: To launch a new main USD website (including USD home page) and new websites for Undergraduate and Graduate Admission.

  Detail Start End

Research and Discovery

Google Analytics data studio reports Analyze data for key administrative and academic websites 5/1/19 8/1/19
Presentation of data studio reports Provide feedback and summary to content owners and providers of those websites 8/14/19 9/25/19
Competitive analysis Compare USD against its peer/aspirational schools from institutional/website perspectives 9/3/19 11/22/19
Survey administration Collect feedback about USD website from prospective and current students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff 10/8/19 11/8/19
Focus groups Conduct phone interviews with current students regarding the USD website 10/9/19 11/7/19
Review (email) Compile and share results of surveys, focus groups, and competitive analyses with constituents 11/11/19 11/19/19

Strategic Vision & Direction

Strategic vision meetings Meetings with internal stakeholders to understand university and website perceptions 10/16/19 10/29/19
Goal setting Set institutional and technical goals for 2.0 project based on data, research, and strategic vision feedback 11/1/19 12/17/19

Information Architecture

Information architecture meetings Meetings with representatives from University Communications, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, and Student Life. 12/4/19 12/13/19
Information architecture and content priority development Development of new architecture for main USD website and undergraduate/graduate admissions offices 1/7/20 1/17/20
Review (in person) Review of content priorities with representatives from University Communications, Admissions, and Academic Affairs   1/27/20

Content Strategy and Writing

Scope and messaging Review volume of writing and editing needed for phase 1 content 1/16/20 ongoing
Content writers meeting Gathering of content writers and providers for phase 1 content   2/11/20
Content writing Writing for phase 1 2/3/20 6/15/20
Content editing Editing for phase 1 4/1/20 6/30/20
Navigation testing Testing of current USD website navigation with current students 12/9/19 12/20/19


Navigation design sprint Design sprint to gather visual/functional ideas for navigation of new USD wesbite   1/28/20
Navigation design Design of new USD navigation  2/3/20 5/15/20
Shell design Design of 'shell' elements for new USD website, such as the new header, footer, and other global elements  3/30/20 6/12/20
Template design Design of templates, such as home pages, sub-pages, and detail pages, as well as key landing pages  3/30/20 7/24/20
USD sub-page design sprint Wireframes of new USD landing pages 6/9/20
UGA design sprint Wireframes of new Undergraduate Admission home page and landing pages 6/15/20
USD audience hubs design sprint Wireframes of new USD audience hubs 6/17/20
USD home page design sprint Wireframe of new USD home page 6/19/20
GA design sprint Wireframes of new Graduate Admission home page and landing pages 6/22/20

Usability Testing

Prospective and current student testing Testing of new USD home page, new Undergraduate Admission home page, and new navigation with prospective and current students via Zoom 7/14/20 8/4/20
Review (in person/zoom) Review of new design 8/31/20


Design system (Camino) build Build of new design system, which will provide components for all CMS users to use on any future page of the USD website 5/1/19 9/30/20
Majors and minors system upgrade Upgrade to majors and minors system for phase 1 content needs 5/11/20 6/5/20
Internship system upgrade Upgrade to internship system for phase 1 content needs 6/8/20 6/26/20
Student scholarships system upgrade Upgrade to student scholarships system for phase 1 content needs 6/29/20 7/24/20
Program finder New program finder for Graduate Admissions and New Toreros content 7/24/20 8/17/20

Site Build

Cascade setup Background CMS preparation for new site build 7/1/20 7/7/20
Site layout planning Page-by-page analysis of new content layout by design team 7/1/20 7/10/20
Build of new USD website Migration of new content into new USD website 7/13/20 7/31/20
Photography selections Selection of photography for new pages 8/3/20 9/11/20


Video training and documentation On-demand video documentation and training 8/3/20 10/9/20

Content Maintenance Training and Governance (CMS/Writing)

Training class - maintainers Content maintenance training for maintainers of new USD website 10/12/20 10/15/20


Main USD Website (including new USD home page)     10/28/20
Undergraduate Admission     10/28/20
Graduate Admission     10/28/20

Phase 2

Goal: To launch new websites for the academic areas including the College, schools, and Copley Library, as well as new systems for the News Center, Directory, and the USD search engine.

  Start End
College of Arts and Sciences   November 2020  
School of Peace Studies November 2020
School of Business      
School of Engineering      
School of Leadership and Education Sciences      
School of Law      
School of Nursing      
Copley Library   November 2020  

Phase 3

Goal: To transition all administrative websites across campus (150 total) into the new design system-driven website platform.

See list of department transitions.


Goal: To launch new MyPostings and Manage systems to complement the new USD website.