Why Redesign?

Building on previous academic redesigns completed during the 2007-09 calendar years, the redesign of the main USD website will bring improvements to our core site's visual design, structure, navigation and content.

The redesign project has several key goals:

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Help Prospective Students

Make the site a user-friendly and informational tool for USD's primary web audience—prospective students—while serving the needs of current students and members of the community.


Highlight accomplishments

Showcase student, faculty and alumni in a way that ties back to USD's mission and core values.



User-centric, rather than organization-driven, information architecture and navigation.

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Visual Design

Cohesive and appealing new visual design incorporating USD branding standards.


Improved Functionality

Coding/programming resulting in a faster and more streamlined user experience.


Updated Technology

To comply with current technology standards and ensure that web accessibility standards are met.


Simplified CMS

Simplification of maintenance using USD's Content Management System (Cascade Server).

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Responsive Design

Shift to a responsive design framework so the website is viewable on any number of platforms including computers, tablets, and mobile devices of varying sizes.


Realigned Content

Realigned content to display the strongest qualities of the school and best serve the needs of the primary audience.