Social Media Module


  • Offer users access to the site's social media postings.
  • Connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Flickr.
  • The specific social media accounts must be connected by University Web Services.
  • If specific social media accounts have not been connected with a site, they will default to the school or university's social media accounts.

Available Layouts:

  • 1 column (Instagram and Flickr only)
  • 2 columns (even)
  • 2 columns (wide, narrow)
  • 3 columns (even)
  • 3 columns (wide, narrow, narrow)
  • 3 columns (narrow, narrow, wide)
  • 4 columns (even)

FLICKR Layouts:

  • 1 column only

@usd_outdooradventures on Instagram

2 Columns (Even)